Feb 6, 2013

Richard Farmer’s chunky bits

The baby update. The LNP Member for Bowman Andrew Laming provided his daughter as the prop for today's contribution from Sydney's Daily Telegraph:

Richard Farmer

Crikey political commentator

The baby update. The LNP Member for Bowman Andrew Laming provided his daughter as the prop for today's contribution from Sydney's Daily Telegraph:

Predicting the future by examining old news. Using a mixture of archived news reports and real-time data, researchers from Microsoft Research and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have identified significant increases in the likelihood of disease outbreaks, deaths, and riots in advance of the occurrence of these events in the world. Their findings, Mining the Web to Predict Future Events, have just been published. In their introduction the technique is described as:
"Mark Twain famously said that "the past does not repeat itself, but it rhymes." In the spirit of this reflection, we develop and test methods for leveraging large-scale digital histories captured from 22 years of news reports from the New York Times (NYT) archive to make real-time predictions about the likelihoods of future human and natural events of interest. We describe how we can learn to predict the future by generalizing sets of specific transitions in sequences of reported news events, extracted from a news archive spanning the years 1986-2008. In addition to the news corpora, we leverage data from freely available Web resources, including Wikipedia, FreeBase, OpenCyc, and GeoNames, via the LinkedData platform. The goal is to build predictive models that generalize from specific sets of sequences of events to provide likelihoods of future outcomes, based on patterns of evidence observed in near-term newsfeeds. We propose the methods as a means of generating actionable forecasts in advance of the occurrence of target events in the world."
Some of the practical examples where looking at old NY Times stories led to predictions of future events:

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7 thoughts on “Richard Farmer’s chunky bits

  1. klewso

    Abbott – for the next 7 months – never much more than a dummy toss from a “Baby’s R’ Us”?

  2. Keith MacQueen

    Re: Predicting the future by examining old news.
    Amazing! Now we have a computer program that predicts the bleeding obvious. This combination of the interweb thingy and program boffiny-people is truly powerful….

  3. zut alors

    Nothing makes a politician look more shallow/phoney than the image of them fawning over a baby or small child.

  4. Spike

    China’s an economic/ industrial / commercial + military powerhouse. Every Aussie returns home from any shopping expedition with ‘Made in China’on probably ninety percent of purchases! When I was kid: 90 percent would’ve been Aussie manufactured. Doesn’t look good folks! China is a major player on the international loans [$’s etc] game. THEY LOAN: Yanks + Aussies BORROW! WAKE UP! our factories, commerce, the driving industrial force of Australia: Sold TO CHINESE/ OTHER non Aussie ‘players’, often employing Chinese labor, closed or gone into receivership. Apprenticeships in important related areas, dwindling. NOT SO IN CHINA! Our land, thanks to Socialist Supremo Hawke + assorted ‘pollie’ ‘sell out’ likewise: being SOLD, not leased to Communist Chinese Govt! Got kids/ grankids? Be scared, be very scared!….

  5. klewso

    Yeh American football = 60 minutes of football and three hours of “salesmanship” – even with the later replays when they could edit it down?
    A lot like 7’s tennis when you think about it? Or the cricket – with their ads for “cooked chook” and hamburgers? Or our sort of football?

    As for Rudd’s suggestion? Never get between an op-ed hack and a chance at a beat-off?
    [Catch Tony Windsor on 7:30 last night suggesting Thomson might be due some “due process” – to an op-ed like Sales?]

  6. CML

    Well, it didn’t take Jessica Irvine long to drop the Fairfax mantra and adopt that of Murdoch. That’s what happens when you start “sleeping with the enemy”!
    And they wonder why we don’t read MSM anymore?

  7. klewso

    Yes, she’s been Murdochtrinated.

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