Feb 4, 2013

Richard Farmer’s chunky bits: this Newspoll might be for real

There is one thing that would trouble me greatly about this morning's Newspoll if I was a Labor member with a majority under 7 or 8%: this testing of public views followed the announcement by the Prime Minister of the date for the next election.

Richard Farmer

Crikey political commentator

Real danger of the yo-yo poll. I can’t bring myself to have any faith in an opinion poll which finds in its last four surveys that Labor’s federal primary vote has gone from 36% in late November, to 32% in the second week of December, up to 38% in mid January and down again to 32% during the weekend just gone. What Newspoll is measuring I don’t know but such volatility is a poor guide as to how people would vote if they actually had to rather than just give an opinion to a pollster.

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