Feb 4, 2013

Another year, another round of media failures on campaign finance

The release of donations data should be one of the year's biggest dumps of hot political news. It's high time the mainstream media stopped turning a blind eye and started asking questions.

Stephen Mayne — Journalist and Founder

Stephen Mayne

Journalist and Founder

Another year, another woeful effort by most of the media in reporting the deluge of donations data released by the AEC at 9am last Friday.

Apart from the federal budget, there is no bigger, single-day avalanche of political news in Australian politics because the information includes donations to every division of every party, state and federal, over a 12-month period. Despite having the information all day, none of the state-based versions of 7.30 which went to air on Friday night covered the story. Why not?

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6 thoughts on “Another year, another round of media failures on campaign finance

  1. John Bennetts

    Rupert is only 60 years old? (Para 3)

    That was surely a typo worthy of attention.

  2. Microseris

    Donations buy ministerial access and leverage and can be rightly considered legalised corruption.

  3. CML

    Stephen – what you say is correct, but I can’t see it happening anytime soon. The Labor party should be all over this like a rash, and the Greens. Why can’t they get legislation through the HoR? Should be no contest in the Senate.
    The more we allow any political party to withold this type of info from the general population, the greater the risk of us ending up like America where the wealthy “buy” their own politicians. Do we really want that to happen in Oz?

  4. marant

    Well-directed article, Stephen, but I would like to know the criteria you use to call our Australian democracy “sophisticated”.

  5. Peter Young

    How can the the looney nasty party(L.N.P.) claim that there for transparency but they are just as bad . we need honest disclosure and a comittment from all parties for full disclosure of donations to all political parties. because follow the money heaviest donors show where policy didn’t go like the pokie reforms failed . our democracy is becoming like the U.S.A. and not for the better the biggest donor recipient wins. excellent article Stephen iv’e been thinking on for this for a few years. also we need a crime and misconduct commisson in canberra a.s.a.p.

  6. Kevin Herbert

    John Bennetts:

    read it again….

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