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Feb 4, 2013

Like Cambodia, Syria is increasingly turning into a proxy war

Syria is now starting to look like such a multi-faceted contest, but perhaps with even greater potential for complication. Cambodia might provide some clues.

Professor Damien Kingsbury

Crikey international affairs commentator

It had elements from the outset, but the war in Syria is looking more like a war by proxy between outside interests. It may be that it can now only be resolved from outside.


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2 thoughts on “Like Cambodia, Syria is increasingly turning into a proxy war

  1. j.oneill

    There are a number of further aspects that could be commented upon.
    First, the Israeli attack was on “multiple targets” in both Syria and Lebanon.
    Secondly, the Israeli attack was given the “green light” by the Americans.
    Thirdly, what Israel did was contrary to international law. Condemnation of this blatant aggression on a sovereign state from the Australian government is notable for its silence. this perhaps reflects the extent to which Australia is beholden to the Zionist lobby and the politicians are frankly scared of any adverse comment on Israel’s behaviour.
    Fourthly, Israel is concerned to prevent Hisbollah in Lebanon acquiring effective anti-aircraft missiles and thereby hindering their next attack on that country.
    Fifthly, I should have thought that Professor Kingsbury would note that a large proportion of the opposition to the Assad government engaged in the fighting are foreigners, armed and financed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the US, France and the UK. The fact that the US regularly uses foreign jihadis as its proxies (all the time condemning the groups they belong to) is worthy of an article in its own right. Writers such as Pepe Escobar, Robert Fisk and Alexander Cockburn have pointed this out in some detail. Why are Australian writers so timid? Is it fear of upsetting their powerful friends in Washington and jeopardising all those free trips they regularly receive?

  2. Kevin Herbert


    agree 100% with your views.

    More duplicity from our spineless national Government, and it won’t change when Abbott & co get in.

    If I were an Aussie Muslim I’d be very very angry at this state of affairs.

    One think though…it’s not the Aussie Israel lobby that has the main impact on both parties views on Israel..it’s the US State Department which is owned by the US MSM/MIC/AIPAC/Federal Reserve Bank criminal gang who run the US & its foreign policy.

    While the 100 or so $9999 secret contributions made to both the Libs & Labor each election are made by local Israel supporters, they have no real sway compared to the State Department demands.

    You probabaly know that a $10000 contribution has to be declared…some of the Rodent’s handy work.

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