Feb 1, 2013

The quest for wives for China’s little emperors

China's one child policy has left a nation with far too many men. And yet, writes journalist Kway Teo in Beijing, sons are still more highly cherished than daughters.

Anxious parents negotiate marriages for their children at a matchmaking market in Beijing


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3 thoughts on “The quest for wives for China’s little emperors

  1. craig zip

    So Crikey has been ‘managed’ so as to do puff pieces on china now….shame.

  2. Redolent

    Well, that’s one less female the Chinese Kungfu Grannies can swap away, as my lovely wife is more than happy being married to a gui lo. Would be more revealing of what Chinese people thought of their compatriots marrying out of ethnicity.

  3. MJPC

    “Everything’s a transaction in China,” interesting basis for a society, no doubt due to the sheer volume of the population.
    Over population will be the death of the environment whether they have 1.7 children or not, look at the pollution problems they are having now.

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