Feb 1, 2013

AEC donor dump: who paid out for the parties in 11-12

It's poor, inconsistent and late -- but we finally have a glimpse of who donated to political parties in 2011-12. So who did the shooters donate to?

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Annual political donation data for 2011-12 has been released by the Australian Electoral Commission, and once again we’re left to go through inconsistent, out-of-date and confusing information provided by the parties and donors, with the AEC doing its best to provide maximum functionality for the information.


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29 thoughts on “AEC donor dump: who paid out for the parties in 11-12

  1. Suzanne Blake

    I think anyone giving Labor money will not see a return until 2035 or beyond

  2. Modus Ponens

    Bribery by any other name sounds just like ‘political donations’

  3. Venise Alstergren

    MP: More likely to be tax deductible donations.

  4. Scott

    I’m curious why AusAid gave $110,000 to The Australian Green Party…
    To help set up other Green parties in developing countries? Is this really the best way to spend our Foreign Aid budget?

  5. Metarzan

    The large company that I work for has a very strict policy for not accepting gifts from customers, suppliers etcetera. They do this so to as preempt any possible conflict of interest and to establish best practice in business ethics. When political parties accept donations from the corporate world is gives the strong outward appearance to the public that they are being bought.

  6. Ian

    Two questions for you Scott: –

    1) Where does the agreement specify Green parties?
    2) What % of the Australian aid budget does this $110 000 represent?

  7. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    geez SB, hope that’s as good as your Kevin Rudd returning predictions!

  8. Suzanne Blake

    @ Mr Hatrick

    The way Labor is imploding at the moment, Humphrey B Bear may be the new leader soon. They are collapsing in front of your eyese, just like NSW Labor did, and everyone with any smarts can see that.

  9. Hamis Hill

    No evidence yet of Cory Bernardi’s foreign fundraising efforts?
    Just as in the Weimar Republic, make the right noises, liberally larded with the threats of “c–nism” and certain industries will throw money at you.
    In 1972 we even got a CIA enabled coup by the same methods.
    Hey, if it works, why change?

  10. Hamis Hill

    The local Liberal candidate is out making the rounds in Moreton, first name Malcolm.
    The wrong Malcolm.
    How far will the Koch cash stretch?
    Is this abundance of foreign election funding for Abbott a reason for a “long” campaign?
    Get the premature-election crew to empty the lockers before the real campaign begins?

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