Jan 31, 2013

Latham’s Henderson Watch: Gerard reinvents history class

How can the Sydney Institute's board turn a blind eye to the embarrassing ineptitude of its ageing executive director? Gerard Henderson deserves a well-earned break, of the permanent variety.

Mark Latham

Political commentator and former Labor leader

As I opened my Sydney Morning Herald today, it confirmed the worst fears of Henderson Watch.  It is becoming impossible to keep up with the frantic pace of Hendo-Howlers from Gerard Henderson. He’s making errors faster than Kevin Rudd is organising photo opportunities in storm-hit Brisbane. That’s fast.


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5 thoughts on “Latham’s Henderson Watch: Gerard reinvents history class

  1. klewso

    “Eagle”, “Eel”?
    “Howler”? Isn’t a form of life? “Hyena” is.

    [Unless of course it’s a “Howler monkey”? ……?]

  2. zut alors

    I find it hard to get past the name, The Sydney Institute. It suggests a gloomy gothic 19th century sanitorium where the feeble-minded take shelter and are taken into care to protect themselves and society.

  3. AR

    Am I incorrect in ‘remembering’ that the Sydney Institute split from the IPA back in the 80s when the meretricious mendacists of the neocon/white shoe brigade were agitating against HawKeating & the OzCard?
    And I remain curious to know who funds those two sheltered workshops for undead zealots of the Chicago Skool,or at least WHY? Can’t be value for money – some sort of tax deduction perhaps?

  4. mikeb

    The anticipation of another dissection of “Hendo” always leaves me trembling. I need to book a session with Dr Phil.

  5. Mk8adelic

    Please stay on the case, I find Henderson’s obvious bias intolerable.

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