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Jan 31, 2013



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17 thoughts on “Hurry up and wait Australia! OOH LOOK SHINY THINGS!!!

  1. John Bennetts

    … and read about 162 editions of Crikey.

    Keep them coming, FD.

  2. zut alors

    Mr Dog, most of this is accurate but I take umbrage re the cupcakes: I loathe them.

    The two questions Mr Rabbott answers on the ABC will be the same question but have two diametrically different answers. Later he will say he misunderstood both questions. His standard modus operandi.

  3. Steve777

    Toony Abbott will mention the ‘Carbon Tax’ about 22,699 times. which is approximately the same number of times he will say ‘Stop the Boats’ or say that Australia suffers from ‘bad goeverment’. The number of times he will be seriously challenged by the mainstream media when he says these things: approximately 0.

  4. Holden Back

    You left out number of spray tans Mr Abbott will have: at least one, by today’s appearance.

  5. drovers cat

    Welcome back dog#1
    Is that a Jolly Hockey quote at the bottom?:
    “Most of these numbers are true except for the made-up ones.”

  6. Andybob

    So in the MSM breathless speculation about the election date morphed into breathless speculation about the political wisdom of commencing “the campaign” so early and exposing poor innocent citizens to such an extended campaign. Because announcing a date must be the commencement of the campaign. Because thats the way it is in the States that have fixed terms. And the Supposition hasn’t been in election mode since the last election. Discussion of the glasses is almost a welcome relief. Cupcakes are a positive escape, perhaps they should be provided to our concentration camps.

  7. Plonkoclock

    Cupcakes can be vastly improved with the addition of pink icing, coconut, whipped cream and cute little wings – to be fairy cakes! Awww!

  8. ernmalleyscat

    Come on Firsty, you’re being too cynical. It’s not like the news media would ever fill up their hours and inches with endless trivia and empty guessing.

    Heck, we saw how restrained they all were covering the 473 days of the US Republican primaries race and then the 6,185 minutes of the US Republican convention and then the 18,067,824 seconds of the actual US Presidential campaign and then the endless chicken entrail examining of the result. And we don’t even get to vote in that one!

    No, I’m confident we’ll be left alone for the next however long it is. 226 you say?

  9. Holden Back

    At the risk of being seen as cupcakeist, but seriously wtf? People have pyramids of them, each with a giant bouffant of icing, as wedding cakes. I’ve heard we’re infantilising ourselves as a society, but this is ridiculous. Love honour and respect, until the end of Little Lunch do us part?

  10. klewso

    How many of those red buckets in one of those big wheelie bins?

  11. drovers cat

    oh look, a kangaroo … 11,299,000,000,923 … no make that 922

  12. klewso

    How many pees does it take to fill one of those buckets? One?

  13. ianjohnno

    I’m trying to work out how many bottles of red I’ll drink but the calculator buttons keep going out of focus.

    Anyway, I think the powerfox has been very courageous, as Sir Humphrey would say.

  14. Venise Alstergren

    Both the Hun and The Age carried articles about Julia Gillard’s glasses. What is the matter with this frigging country? Readers of The Age were told Ms Gillard normally wears contact lenses. Now I have learned this I feel so fulfilled; my life’s work was given over to pursuing this knowledge. And now I can contemplate the destruction of the MSM in peace.

  15. Electric Lardyland

    And Tony Abbott will develop four more different positions on climate change, but still maintain his, ‘oh she lied, she lied, she lied to all of us,’ routine.

  16. Plonkoclock

    Entirely off-topic, the Cairns Regional Council has just voted today to stop fluoridating the water supply. Who said Queenslanders were ignorant, red-necked reactionaries in the grip of every moronic half-witted pressure group that ever shrilled an ill-informed complaint to anyone who would listen?

  17. drmick

    Geez Plonk;is that just for the dams, or does that include the cyclonic full tide that come 50 miles inland, or the water involved in the run off from the top of napoleon newmans flat headed flat earth fraternity as it heads to the Murray?


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