Jan 31, 2013

Gas-powered politics: Greens, Katter make case on CSG

The Greens and Bob Katter could capitalise on the campaign against coal seam gas and the mining exploration on farming land ahead of the federal election. Crikey intern Sandi Keane reports.

Rising gas prices and the pitched battle between farmers and miners over coal seam gas extraction — as Crikey reported yesterday — is set to spill over into the federal election campaign. The Greens and Bob Katter are looking to capitalise.


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2 thoughts on “Gas-powered politics: Greens, Katter make case on CSG

  1. [email protected]

    And is anyone going to seriously discuss the risks associated with the scientifically unproven ‘fraccing’ process itself and the consequent risk of permanent polution of key water systems quite apart from the loss of prime agricultural and grazing lands? Or are we going to continue to play “Let’s pretend it is all OK because we want/need the money”.

  2. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    In a couple of months the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority will publish its review of the status of the Reef – compiled as part of its response to the World Heritage Committee’s expressed concerns. No doubt we will be surprised or even shocked to learn about how depleted the Reef has become over the years. About how tarnished the family jewels are. No matter who has been looking or not looking, finger-pointing or not finger pointing, all of this has happened on our watch.
    Now the multi-billion dollar LNG mega-development at Gladstone, fueled by extensive CSG networks in the hinterland, is set to underwrite the next phase of our ‘management’ of the GBR. This is ‘us’ folks, not the government or the big business, or the international banking conspiracy. We elect our parliamentary representatives. That’s our job and we are uniquely qualified to carry it out. If we won’t ‘own’ our own work, we can’t expect to critique it, to change it or to ultimately perfect it.

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