Jan 30, 2013

Latham’s Henderson Watch: 54 mistakes and counting

Time to cast an eye on Gerard Henderson's latest critical efforts. The former Labor Party leader fact-checks the self-anointed media fact checker.

Mark Latham

Political commentator and former Labor leader

With the political silly season ending, commentators are asking just one serious question: why is Gerard Henderson trying to do himself out of a job?

In his Sydney Morning Herald column on January 8, the great pedant took aim at Malcolm Turnbull’s suggestion the ABC might establish a fact checking website to hold the rest of the media to account. Henderson despises the national broadcaster because it has repeatedly rejected his offer to be the official fact checker for ABC documentaries. Nice Mr Scott and his colleagues know Henderson to be error-prone, hence his unsuitability for the job.

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16 thoughts on “Latham’s Henderson Watch: 54 mistakes and counting

  1. klewso

    “Hendo Watch”? “Ground-hog Day” – or as we might say “Minced Porkies Day”?

  2. Madonna

    Welcome aboard the Crikey train Mark.
    Your article has the theme of ABC TV’s media watch, of which I’m a fan.
    Can Crikey readers expect more of your observations and corrections in their mailbox in 2013?
    As I don’t subscribe to pay TV, I never saw the interview you’re referring to. However, I’m surprised to hear Derryn forgot his famous lines Shame, Shame Shame…I haven’t.

  3. sean

    Great stuff. 5 Howlers in one paragraph – you gotta laugh. Henderson really is a joke. In yesterday’s Herald he based a whole article on a gross misinterpretation of a galaxy poll on the most popular Australian PM of the last 25 years. You guessed it, John Howard (35% of the vote). Poor old Hendo failed to realise that respondents in such polls vote according to their party affiliation. Thus conservative voters had one option (Howard) and labor voters had 4 options – thus splitting the potential votes of all four Labor PMs. The guy is not the sharpest pencil in the pack.

    The 5 errors in one paragraph should be enough for the Herald to finally pension him off.

    Hinch also used to use to say “shame, shame, shame’ as a catchphrase on his current affairs program in the 80s.

  4. Dogs breakfast

    What can I say. Schadenfreude is not an emotion that I experience without a tinge of guilt, but what the hey!


  5. Kevin Herbert


    couldn’t agree more re Hendo’s article in yesterday’s Herald. You have to wonder what parallel universe he occupies when he claims that Abbot will ride into victory on Howard’s popularity…huh???
    Howard was only the second PM to be booted out of his seat..even his cras purchase of ‘working family’ votes with middle class welfae could not save him.
    Howard will go down in histroy as the PM who invoked a racist election campaign in 2001, and who willingly offered up Aussie passport holders for torture….wehat legacy the Rodent left.

    If ever I see him in public, it will give me great pleasure to remind him of his sell out of Aussie citizens, for a pat on the back from the war mongering Yanks.

    Even Menzies would have rejected such odious forelock tugging.
    Finally, great to see Mark Latham has eschewed his role with that pathetic Zionist/US rag aka as the Aussie Spectator mag.

  6. rubiginosa

    “Justice Steven Rares did not make any findings against…the aspiring Liberal Mal Brough”…

    Derryn’s fact-checking?

  7. Mike Flanagan

    One can only accept that Henderson is a remnant piece of the arcane Bobby Santamaria and Danny Mannix clique who were the providors of the political philosophy and moral compass of the DLP in bygone years.
    That is the same DLP that held this nation to ransom and caused the unnecesary expenditure of billion of todays dollars in defense spending to hold off at our beach heads and sandy shores the fictitious march of the ‘yellow hordes’ of the Chinese.
    At the same time they influenced the denial to our farmers the Chinese market for our excess wheat.
    If one had daughters, one would be loath to invite him into our homes, for Henderson would be forever moving from bedroom to bedroom looking under their beds for commos and would have to be ejected as a political eccentric and pervert.
    But thanks to Mark’s above informative missive we can all remember to put the latch on the front door, just in case he should arrive univited.

  8. Brisbane Bloke

    OK – so you vetoed my last message. Here’s another go: who wants to hear what Mark Latham has to say – on anything? Surely there’s some flood clean-up work he can get somewhere? Someone – please?

  9. JimDocker

    Gerard Henderson is a crazy right wing fool. He speaks slowly and with purpose which lends a certain authority to his words until you listen to what he is saying and then he can be dismissed.

    Mark Latham is a nutcase that has no idea how to behave in a civilised society. His attempt at journalism during the last election was disgraceful, with his bovver boy antics and his plea for people not to vote.

    He is the last person that I want to read articles by.

    Crikey is the only news source that I pay for, but I expect better than Mark Latham.

  10. Brisbane Bloke

    If Crikey is going to give Mark Latham free air, then let’s hear from Andrew Bolt, Greg Sheridan and Chopper Reid. I pay for Crikey, so I can read balanced, intelligent and interesting content. Latham has, will and could never produce one word of either.

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