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Crikey Says

Jan 29, 2013

Crikey says: advice to Abbott will be red-hot

Better Place takes high-profile investors to a worse one -- Crikey uncovers the electric car crash. Floods return in Queensland: reports from Bundaberg and Grantham, haunted by 2011. Bernard Keane on Tony Abbott's election playbook. And First Dog is back.


Maurice Newman — who Tony Abbott announced over the weekend would lead a new business advisory council under a Coalition government — doesn’t seem to believe in climate change. As Crikey reports, the Deutsche banker reckons global warming is a “religion” with a “global warming priesthood masquerading as climate scientists”.

But then, almost half of the country is in the same camp. As Bernard Keane reports, new polling from Essential Research shows marginally more people believe in human-caused climate change compared to the same poll in October — but it’s still barely more than half the nation.

Among Liberal voters, some 58% of Liberal voters believe climate change is just “normal fluctuation” in weather patterns.

Which makes Newman the perfect man to advise Abbott on the business environment in an apparently unnecessarily carbon-constrained world. No arguments from us.

To those who believe the overwhelming scientific consensus, just know what you’re getting before you vote.


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One thought on “Crikey says: advice to Abbott will be red-hot

  1. John Bennetts

    If someone is too stoopid to see the climate writing on the wall, how can he be trusted as an advisor?

    … Wait on… Yep… So that’s what’s going on.

    Goodbye World.

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