Tips and rumours

Jan 24, 2013

Tips and rumours

Swiss silence from KRudd? ... Nova's hockey scandal ... this bush turkey is named after which politician? ...


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2 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. zut alors

    I fail to understand how it is either a ‘tip’ or a ‘rumour’ that the Ruddster hasn’t Tweeted for several days. The puerile comment about it being unpatriotic not to be in Oz on Australia Day is also superfluous to needs.

    Perhaps it’s time to scrap this Tip/Rumour segment – or, at the very least, not include it on days when there is nothing substantial to publish.

  2. Madonna

    “is it such a crime the Julia Gillard thinks it’s time for a fresh face and wants to see an indigenous Labor parliamentarian at the federal level?”
    Its not a crime, it simply amplifies Ms Gillard’s contempt for members of her own party. In my view if that’s how she treats her own party members, why would anyone want to vote for her.
    In saying that, I’m keen to see what policies political candidates have. I can like or dislike a politician, but it will be policy I vote for at the 2013 federal election.

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