Cyber warfare and cybersecurity are the most heavily hyped threats in public policy since the war on terror began.

This morning, Prime Minister Julia Gillard toured the Cyber Security Operations Centre in Canberra to show off the new "Australian Cyber Security Centre" she is establishing. In the last two years, the war to shore up cybersecurity has been the basis for numerous policies, strategies and white papers across the world, and even an extension of the ANZUS alliance. Moreover, the media displays no scepticism in its reporting of claims about cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is also a huge industry. According to two of the best US researchers on the issue, Jerry Brito and Tate Watkins:

"The U.S. government is expected to spend $10.5 billion per year on information security by 2015, and analysts have estimated the worldwide market to be as much as $140 billion per year. The Department of Defense has also said it is seeking more than $3.2 billion in cybersecurity funding for 2012."