Jan 23, 2013

Crikey Clarifier: how the parties’ policies compare on women

From paid parental leave to child care rebates for nannies and the current gender pay gap, Rose Powell outlines the differences in policies for working women by the two major parties.

Whether it’s the women in Tony Abbott’s life giving interviews about “the real Tony” or Julia Gillard sharing drinks with the power women of the blogosphere, the battle for the “women’s vote” is already on. But what policies have been put forward that specifically target women?

Parental leave

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4 thoughts on “Crikey Clarifier: how the parties’ policies compare on women

  1. FelineCyclist

    Pretty disappointed in Women’s Agenda and Crikey for publishing this narrow-focused article. So the women’s vote basically comes down to children, money and board representation? Oh please.

    What about equality more generally? No mention of human rights issues, such as right not to be sacked while pregnant because you happen to be unmarried and employed by a religious organisation (as are one in five workers in the community sector; the right to negotiate flexible working hours to accommodate caring responsibilities (children, parents, etc); etc. No mention of the continuing violence against women, in public and private (seems the solution when a woman is abducted off the streets and killed is to tell women they shouldn’t walk alone at night, rather than ensuring th streets are safe for them to do so). No mention of cuts to single parents payments and moving single parents (mostly mums) onto Newstart when their youngest child reaches primary school age.

    I get that Women’s Agenda provides easy copy for Crikey. But you need to keep in mind that Women’s Agenda is focused on a narrow audience – high wealth, professional women. How they view the hot issues for women this election is not what I would expect from a broader publication like Crikey. I trust there will be a follow up soon, with the focus on more than children and the bottom line.

  2. Apollo

    There, there. Our secret genius scientist have gotten to Abbott and implanted great socialist value in his brain.

    He will help Aussie mums keep popping out babies to dig up dirt to build the Great Socialist Republic of China, and soon our nations will form the great Socialist Federation.

    Allons avants les enfants. C’est magnifique Kameraden.

  3. jmendelssohn

    It’s a pity that no one seems to have noticed the link between the rise of short term contracts as standard practice and the widening gender gap. Short term contracts means that employers (even those praising themselves for their progressive policies) can easily eliminate any pregnant (or recently returned from maternity leave) employee. Of course this is never discrimination. It is purely coincidence that the newly unemployed/downgraded are almost always women, with children.

  4. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    Yup, no reproductive rights, small amount about equality, fair enough….

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