Jan 22, 2013

Apology to The Global Mail

On January 22, 2013 Crikey published an article under the headline: "Fear and loathing at The Global Mail: what went so wrong?" The article made criticisms about 

Matthew Knott

Former Crikey media reporter

On January 22, 2013 Crikey published an article under the headline: "Fear and loathing at The Global Mail: what went so wrong?" The article made criticisms about The Global Mail's management and its treatment of staff. Crikey now accepts that our report incorrectly asserted that the journalists' union was liaising with Global Mail staff at the time of publication about taking a case to Fair Work Australia. Moreover, it was not Crikey's intention to reflect adversely on the professionalism or qualifications of Global Mail management or staff members. Crikey regrets the hurt and damage caused by our reports, and apologises to The Global Mail and its staff.

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22 thoughts on “Apology to The Global Mail

  1. Simon Mansfield

    Is anyone that surprised this all ended in tears. A guy who paid off the Greens to go easy on tourism and it’s impact on the enviroment and climate change is the flavour of the month for the luvvies. Who then goes on to rescue media workers from the perils of the marketplace. 140K a year to rewrite news wire stories with bigger words. Seriously now is anyone truly surprised.

  2. miss jay

    Not that shocking – most start ups fail, especially in the media, funding or no.

  3. Michael

    What a terrific insight into the lack of business know how, competence & management skills within Left wing circles.
    Notice the common thread with Fairfax & ABC.
    And they offer learnéd opinion about the cruel Capitalist system?

  4. Colleen Murrell

    When I left the BBC some years back for a start-up, my boss tried to talk me out of it by saying that the start-up team is usually dispensed with once the operation is up and running as these staff are expensive (and often unionised).
    He was right as a couple of years in, many of the start-up team was picked off or left disillusioned as new hires were brought in on cheaper wages and worse pay deals.
    What has happened at The Global Mail is very sad as the venture was really exciting for international news coverage. The way that the company has dealt with its staff – especially Jess Hill – has been shocking and insensitive. I am sorry for these reporters and hope that they will find new opportunities soon as they are very talented. I predict the Global Mail’s reader numbers will continue in free fall until decent content emerges.

  5. klewso

    Sounds more like “Animal Farm”?

  6. [email protected]

    A preponderance of US work-experience & work-place culture is not necessarily the best training ground for the Oz mindset. Add that to what certainly looks like HR nepotism – well intentioned it may have been, but it looks pretty poor from outside – and the whole thing was a teetering edifice. I pity whoever funded the enterprise as well as the shoddily treated professionals who joined in good faith. All I can say is; now you’re all prepared to try the music industry. Go for it!

  7. Coaltopia

    Wood should clear the air and apologise to Hill. Maybe then he can close down the site and focus his attentions on The Guardian. I always thought the name was too close to the Canadian paper anyway.

  8. Scott Grant

    As a general reader, with no knowledge of what goes on inside the sausage factory, I found TGM, ultimately, boring, and disappointing. Some very good articles, with information I have not read elsewhere. But not enough. I still subscribe to their e-mails, and sometimes I will see something that I will click on and read. But, if I look around the site, I usually find little else that interests me that I have not already read.

    I almost never go to a site on the off-chance that I might find something interesting. If I susbscribe, I expect to be notified that there is something new that is worth my attention.

    One thing I noticed after the change of editorship, was that I began getting more frequent e-mails. Which I took as an indication that something had been broken and has been fixed.

    I hoped for more. I still do, although that is fading.

  9. Kelly

    I’m sure the Guardian will have no trouble attracting top journos to their Graeme Wood backed Australian venture now!

  10. Fuller Steve

    Maybe it’s time for TGM to do a report on corporate psychopaths – it sounds like they might have some inside information. I had high hopes for TGM and there were some good articles. However, they lacked volume and the letters to the editor seemed to be heavily managed or there were so few readers that very few were published – mine weren’t. It’s now Crikey and HuffPo for me.

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