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Jan 21, 2013

Media briefs: Tele is truckin’ … assassination on tape …

The Sunday Telegraph hits a new low by Photoshopping trucker caps onto its columnists' byline photos. And other media tidbits.

Only Pell wasn’t truckin’ on. The Sunday Telegraph sure loves a stunt. Last week, the country’s top-selling paper roped in a choreographer to teach two reporters the “Down Under Dance” in celebration of Ellen DeGeneres’ visit Down Under. Yesterday, in preparation for Australia Day, the paper gave away Aussie flag trucker caps for a dollar with the paper. In case anyone missed the front-page giveaway, the Tele photoshopped the hat onto its columnists’ dinkuses (byline photos). The decision, Crikey hears, came as a nasty shock for some of the columnists when they opened their paper over brunch …

One star columnist, however, escaped the trucker treatment …

Video of the day. This footage captures the moment a man stormed on stage and pointed a pistol at the head of Bulgaria’s Turkish minority party. The pistol apparently failed to fire. The attacker now faces hooliganism and death threat charges …

Front page of the day. The International Herald Tribune covers Barack Obama’s official swearing in for a second term as President of the United States of America …

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2 thoughts on “Media briefs: Tele is truckin’ … assassination on tape …

  1. klewso

    What, “trash”, next?
    I remember an Australia when they were “truckies” … and when “bikers” were “bikies”?

  2. Bam Stroker

    Re: Video of the Day – there are dozens of copies of that on the internet. Please don’t link me to the one uploaded by “worldend2012fuck”.