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Jan 21, 2013

Crikey says: yeah, so, Kochie’s a boob …

What Aaron Swartz, Bradley Manning and Kim Dotcom have in common. Why Barack Obama is haunted by the ghosts of second-term presidents past. Would we back a lift in the Newstart allowance? Essential's surprising poll. And the return of Kim Dotcom. Download this.

We thought the silly season was over ...

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14 thoughts on “Crikey says: yeah, so, Kochie’s a boob …

  1. Mike Smith

    You summed it up with the one sentence

    And since when did anyone care what “Kochie” thinks?

    And who is ‘kochie’

  2. AR

    … shurely that should be “…what, Kochie “thinks”??

  3. Paul Harvey

    It is naïve to assume that because legislation exists to protect a woman’s right to breastfeed in public that this means that the debate has been won. There remains a continued stigma which mothers confront on a regular basis and which the comments of Mr Koch and his like help to perpetuate. Unfortunately there are way too many people who do care what “Kochie” thinks.

  4. Madonna

    As a mother I breast fed my daughter for 9 months, I did it discreetly if in public, rarely needed to(that was a personal choice). I didn’t want to expose my engorged breasts to some stranger!Bonus for me was the fact it was the first time in my life I’d had a cleavage 🙂
    Now days there are nice parent friendly facilities for privacy and quiet time with baby or young child.
    Women breastfeeding in public doesn’t offend me at all. I see it as a loving act of nurturing & mother child bonding. Breastfeeding is healthy and cost effective.

    I guess Koshie wasn’t breast fed then?

  5. klewso

    He’s made a right tit of himself?

  6. Paddy Forsayeth

    It’s sad that this dialogue, like so many, has rarely progressed beyond a black and white for and against “debate”. I think there is a case for public breast feeding however I think there are times and places when the activity should be descreet. How many of these women protesting their rights would feel uncomfortable if I (an old fart) sat opposite them and stared at their feeding? I presume that in a public place I would be entitled to sit where I pleased and direct my gaze wheresoever I chose to case it. I didn’t know before now who “Kochie” was but it seems to me that he is being unfairly abused for having an opinion.

  7. Percy Pigeon

    OFFS Paddy Forsayeth. FFS. Take off your privilege coloured glasses.

    Women don’t need to hide themselves from you or anyone else when they feed their children.

    If you feel so uncomfortable about it, make **yourself** ‘descreet’- that is, don’t look, or remove yourself from the vicinity. That is, **you** make the effort to manage your own psychological and emotional issues with breastfeeding. Don’t expect someone else to do it for you. Check your privilege, and your entitlement levels.

    As for poor widdle Kochie being ‘unfairly abused for having an opinion’ – people are entitled to have an opinion about Kochie’s comments. WIth the rise of social media, Kochie – and many other old white blokes with prominent traditional media platforms (megaphones) – are now in a position where they will hear the opinions of those they denigrate or shame when they are ‘just having an opinion’.

    I don’t feel sorry for Kochie. But then I’m not a bloke being challenged about his woman-shaming attitudes.

    As for ogling breastfeeding women – are you one of those men who ogles women in public? Why do you think ogling anyone in public – breastfeeding or otherwise – is OK? Or are you saying that breastfeeding women are ‘asking for it?’

  8. Percy Pigeon

    And Crikey, you’re dead wrong on this, with your ‘move along, nothing to see here’. These are exactly the sort of attitudes that need to be called out. Kochie won’t get a big ego if enough other blokes call him out on this(because who cares about what ’emotional’ women think, amirite?). And even if he does, by calling Kochie out we give an opportunity to others – such as Paddy Forsayeth – to examine their own attitudes to women in public. That is important.

    I’m fed up with being shamed for being a woman, being expected to manage men’s behavior towards me and then being told not to mind, to ignore it and not to think about it. And I’m exasperated beyond belief to think that my young nieces (4 mo and 2.5 yo) are going to have to grow up dealing with this same crap, only hyperintensified by social media.

    No!! – you guys manage **yourselves**, and if you think you’re one of the ‘good guys’ or ‘a Nice Guy’ (ugh) – then talk to your male mates and acquaintances and colleagues about Australian attitude towards women. Do something to help us, rather than expecting us to be impressed when you say to us ‘well, I’m not one of those guys, I’m not the problem’.

    And if you’re a woman being all ‘chill girl’ about it all – that’s you’re choice to live with. Please don’t psychopathologise those of us who expect better from the men in our lives and in our society.

  9. Percy Pigeon

    Er, that would be ‘your choice’, not ‘you’re choice’. Same point though

  10. Matt Hardin

    Just curious Percy, are there circumstances where you would not feel that breast feeding is appropriate? For example, the ex-wife of a friend of mine once breastfed at a business meeting she was chairing. This seems to me to be inconsiderate at best.

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