Jan 18, 2013

Come in Spinner: the worst PR disasters of 2012 — or were they?

What were the 10 worst public relations disasters of 2012? Well, it depends on what you classify as PR -- and how the company/person/show is faring publicly once the scandal has died down.

Noel Turnbull

Adjunct professor of media and communications at RMIT University.

What actually constitutes a public relations disaster — do we measure it by negative publicity or by ultimate outcomes? Is it PR which has gone wrong or a corporate or political disaster which becomes a PR disaster?


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2 thoughts on “Come in Spinner: the worst PR disasters of 2012 — or were they?

  1. klewso

    …. are you trying to sell your Nestle stock ….?
    And has Sandilands ever made any of those lists over the years of his works?

  2. GF50

    I have Mr Abbotts charm offensives ” Maggie and Peta Credlin” as a lay down misaire^ for the oscar. WILL be remembered by the prolitariat, no other nominees required.

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