Jan 17, 2013

Gillard’s ‘stop the trolls’ plan will please the media, but it’s nothing new

Now there's a war on cyberbullying. What is the government up to, and will it make a difference?

Stilgherrian — Technology writer and broadcaster


Technology writer and broadcaster

From the government that brought you the $100,000 picture of a red button, and the jolly trolling infographic that isn’t an infographic at all but just a poster, comes their latest blockbuster in the war against cyberbullying: “Cooperative Arrangement for Complaints Handling on Social Networking”. So how will this one go at the box office?

The mainstream press seems generally supportive of PM Julia Gillard’s message, presumably because it fits their framing of social media as a sewer full of anonymous bullies. The Daily Telegraph even used it to claim victory (again) in their “Stop the Trolls” campaign.

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19 thoughts on “Gillard’s ‘stop the trolls’ plan will please the media, but it’s nothing new

  1. ianjohnno1

    “Cooperative Arrangement for Complaints Handling on Social Networking”.
    Will it be known as CAC-Handed?

  2. klewso

    I’m yet to be convinced the image of Gillard trying to curry the particular favour of “Murdoch’s trolls” – considering the partisan way they treat her and her government, pursuing them, trying to gobble them up – is either a good look, or that it will work?

  3. Ronson Dalby


    With the anti-discrimination bill that’s all for discrimination, Gillard’s position on gay marriage, Internet trolling ( which is an example of trolling) and so on, I find it hard to remember that she was ever a member of the ALP Left.

  4. Patriot

    Lyіng Gillard’s days are numbered now. Olivia Palmer questioned by Victorian police over the AWU fraud. Bill Telikostoglou – Gillard’s big Greek bullshіt artist – to return to Australia this month to assist police. Will they join Nick Styant-Brown and tip a bucket on Gillard? Why isn’t Crіkey onto this? A sitting PM is about to be charged with extremely serious indictable offences. It’s the biggest political story in a generation.

  5. CML

    Patriot, where do you get this bullsh+t from? Wishful thinking in the extreme. Haven’t you got anything better to do?
    You are as bad as the author of this garbage article – total freedom on all social media and to hell with how many children (and others) get hurt in the process. What a charming fellow. You sure can pick them Crikey!!

  6. Andrew Bartlett

    This article is generally on the money, but I do need to say that it is incorrect to state that “Politicians generally don’t understand bullying, because they never encounter it in their own organisations.”

    Having seen many politicians and political operatives up close over many years, I can safely say that there is plenty of bullying with political parties and by individual politicians and apparatchiks. The subjects of this bullying are certainly nowhere near as powerless as many of the individuals and minority groups which are subject to regular, unchecked bullying. There are different types of bullying – some more harmful and destructive than others – but none the less it is not correct to say that politicians don’t encounter bullying. Nor should we ignore that fact that some of them are experts at it.

  7. Serenatopia

    Maybe Gillard should invest more time in solving bullying that actually hurts people…the bullying inquiry made many recommendations including addressing bullying rife in Commonwealth Agencies…Gillard has remained silent!

  8. Madonna

    Go you good thing twitter – and Asher. Stand up to hegemony.

    Remember folks, it’s election time and you know how much governments just love to use the press for their own political purposes in an election year! Let the games begin- yawn!

  9. Richard Schmidt

    “We should be focussing our attention on positive role models.” This would require a major change of attitude by the MSM, as they’re like a pack of wild dogs! As long as the “role model” is perfect, the media fawn all over him/her, but as soon as the “role model” shows any hint of weakness, the media tear them to pieces!

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