South Australia

Jan 17, 2013

‘Anyone but Isobel’: Downer’s comeback might have legs

Could Alexander Downer rescue the SA Liberal Party and defeat Labor at the 2014 election? The odds are firming -- but he would have to either do a Newman, or enter Parliament first. InDaily's Kevin Naughton investigates.

The return of former foreign affairs minister Alexander Downer to the political stage is closer as more South Australian Liberal Party MPs warm to the idea.

A poor Newspoll result at the end of December has weakened the position of Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond who, this week, has been at the Australian Open tennis in Melbourne while Labor has been under pressure over a ministerial reshuffle.

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27 thoughts on “‘Anyone but Isobel’: Downer’s comeback might have legs

  1. cairns50

    crikey must be desperate for news to make alexander downer a lead story and for it to be publishing articles by kevin naughton who was previously an advisor for the Country Liberal Party when i was in govt in the NT in the 90’s

  2. Mike Flanagan

    At least he is back from Cyprus where he caused confusion among the current crop of international leaders who had accepted Australian’s reputation for a constructive conribution to geo political arena as a given.
    At least, as Opposition leader in state parliament, we are at last minimalising his impact on the nation’s agenda and his influence on our neighbours appreciation of us.
    Mick the SA shearer cum politician aptly decribed him as ‘the bastard son of the Adelaide aristocracy’ and it still is very pertinent and relevant today.
    I think the SA population have moved on from the days of Adelaide Aristocracy leading them to economic and social stagnation.

  3. tonyfunnywalker

    The Liberals in SA are a mess and have been for some time. The Pyne faction is largely responsible for destabilising the Party. Parachuting Downer into the leadership will more than likely cause defections to the cross benches thus causing even greater instability than current. Downer is not a dead set winner either as he nearly lost Mayo in a close run with a local independant a couple of elections ago.
    There was no mention of Marshall – he is the heir apparent. I agree with cairns 50; to lead with a Kevin Naughton piece is not up to crikey standards for balanced analysis. I do not read thenIndaily either as it has little influence.

  4. paddy

    I suspect cartoonists across this wide brown land are praying for (and drooling over) the prospect of Lord Downer’s return.
    Everybody else will be scratching their heads, wondering WTF?

  5. TheFamousEccles

    Funny headline, IMO.

  6. Bam Stroker

    “Abbott’s people and Christopher Pyne’s group are concerned that in a state where Labor is in its fourth term, the local Libs seem to have trouble making a mark on the Labor brand,” a Liberal source said.

    ^ Third. Labor is in it’s third term.

  7. zut alors

    Paddy beat me to it, cartoonists would be thrilled at this prospect. With Queensland having so many clowns at state level, Downer would help redress the national imbalance.

    Fingers crossed.

  8. klewso

    Have they got wheat and “Learn to Swim” classes (for “migrants”) in SA?

  9. Mike Flanagan

    I thank Mother Superior of the Order of Moderators for posting my above post. But to take from 2.00pm yesterday to after 8.00am today is stretching the friendship.
    I can understand that many of my posts must stretch the envelope and require careful consideration by Mother Superior in the quiet of her cloisters but her record of over 48 hours contemplation and holy book referral does need to be looked at.
    Without wishing to provoke a challenge, I am hysterically proud of not having one post totally rejected over the past eighteen months but the timing it takes to review could be abbreviated.

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