Jan 15, 2013

The moral inconsistency of Australia’s stance on Iran

Iran is alleged to have an active nuclear weapons program. There is no evidence to prove it has one -- and the sanctions that Bob Carr is proposing are unfair, writes political researcher NAJ Taylor.

Within three days of Australia taking the chair of the UN Security Council committees overseeing the “Iran’s weapons of mass destruction proliferation activities”, Foreign Minister Bob Carr announced Australia is to adopt severe economic sanctions against Iran that are “broadly aligned” with those already actioned by the US, Britain and European Union.


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26 thoughts on “The moral inconsistency of Australia’s stance on Iran

  1. [email protected]

    Thank you Naj Taylor for your thoughtfull and insightful comment on the west’s duplicitous attitude to Iran.

    Having visited Iran recently it is apparent that many of the ordinary people are looking forward to a change of government leadership – but as you point out – it is these people, instead of the elite, who are suffering under embargo conditions. Australia should be on the UN Security Council seeking consistency and a fresh approach instead of just playing more of the same to keep our allies happy.

  2. Andybob

    Except that Iran is enriching uranium 235 to levels that are consistent only with weaponisation and Ahmadinejad keeps saying things about the very existence of the Zionist regime being an insult to humanity. Yes, many of the points you make about inconsistency are good, but they don’t persuade me that Iran’s intentions are peaceful.

  3. Serenatopia

    Didn’t you know Naj, Anglo-Saxon white fellas and their sympathisers are the only ones who understand how to use nuclear power for the good of all humanity…Those middle eastern scum need to be starved out…Only when they are starving will they learn to communicate better—Very logical!

  4. negativegearmiddleclasswelfarenow.com

    9/11 was a false flag operation used to justify the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Watch out for a false flag against Iran – probably similar in scope to the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.

  5. Matt

    Given that Iran is run by prescription strength religious loons and anti semetic bigots it is more than appropriate that its nuclear pretensions are addressed individually.

    A nuclear armed Iran is wholly undesirable no matter what is going on in Israel and India.

  6. Andybob

    Thanks for prefacing your remarks with an absurd claim about 9/11; makes it so much easier to judge what weight to give your opinion.

  7. negativegearmiddleclasswelfarenow.com


    I prefer Dr Alan Sabrosky’s reasoning – if, Building 7 collapsed as a result of controlled demolition, then the collapse of Buildings 1 and 2 were also the result of controlled demolitions.

    I don’t find that reasoning absurd at all.

  8. Lady White Peace

    I had hoped that Carr would bring some of his legendary “common sense” into this situation and hopefully some new and inspiring ideas…instead…he is trotting out the same old same old… JUNK THINKING !
    Embargo’s were great in the 70′ & 80’s but we are in the 21st Century and desperately need new ways and new ideas to solve problems such as these for, as this article so vividly demonstrates, it kills innocent ordinary people, while those who create the problem are not affected.
    Why does the brilliant Carr mind not realise this.? How will we- ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR, if this is the best that we can come up with??

  9. minnamurra

    The real issue is the need to ban nuclear developments everywhere and to stop mining uranium – too many greedy people on the earth for that to happen – so we move on inexorably toward more and more disasters…..

  10. Kevin Herbert


    Maybe you could let us all know what data you are relying on the make the claim that Iran are engaged in racism against Jews.

    We’re all waiting…..

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