Jan 15, 2013

IPCC chief calls for ‘sane voices’ in local climate debate

The world's most influential climate scientist Rajendra Pachauri speaks to Crikey on the need for sanity and fair reporting in media coverage of climate change -- and explains why Australia should care.

Cathy Alexander — Freelance journalist and PhD candidate in politics at the University of Melbourne

Cathy Alexander

Freelance journalist and PhD candidate in politics at the University of Melbourne

Rajendra Pachauri

As The Australian claims sea level rise is not linked to global warming, the world’s most influential climate scientist has called on “sane and rational voices” to speak out and correct the record.

More than 250 scientists have gathered in Hobart today for a summit of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the UN’s climate science body. The Oz marked the summit’s opening with a front-page “exclusive” story which claimed there was “no link” between sea level rises and global warming.

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63 thoughts on “IPCC chief calls for ‘sane voices’ in local climate debate

  1. klewso

    Why wouldn’t it be “exclusive”?
    Who else (with a sense of reality) would touch that sort of spin?
    [Is Murdoch – with his trolls spreading his word – a climate science expert, or a PR mogul, with a barrow to ply?]

  2. MJPC

    “Business-as-usual has a very strong force behind it” or is it the case of exploitation as usual. Murdoch and his fellow-travellers (and not only in the media) from the big end of towns have only one business and that is gain as much capital for them at the expense of the rest of us, and indeed the planet.
    The trouble with this attitude is that too late will be too late for all, not just he and his ilk.
    Just one question, what scientific qualifications has Graham Lloyd, surely not a comms degree from some Uni to allow such scientific pontification.

  3. Kincuri

    This situation really highlights an issue with current reporting of climate science in Australian (and generally international) media. That someone like Graham Lloyd is given an equal voice in the climate change dialogue as someone truly credentialed like Dr Pachauri…

    An expert says one thing, a journalist (mis)interprets it another way and suddenly we feel justified simply to do nothing at all.

  4. David Allen

    Dr Church should demand a correction to the story or right of reply. If that is not granted then he should lodge a complaint to the [toothless] Press Council.

  5. keith marlow

    Dr Pachauri has NO Climate science qualifications – he is a generally qualified bureaucrat who has a vested interest in climate change – look up TERI.

  6. 2dogs

    “Dr Pachauri has NO Climate science qualifications”

    “255 scientists from 39 countries are at the Hobart summit considering more than 30,000 comments received on the previous draft of the report.”

    So I guess that he must have amazing powers of mental mind manipulation to have all those 255 scientists say what he wants and a magical “wand of auto-correctness” to align those 30,000 comments with his “vested interests”

    Yep Keith, don’t let facts get in the way of highjacking a thread with a good old fashioned “attack on a person” rather than the content

    (BWT do you know where I can find a “wand of auto-correctness”? I am writing some awfully long company recommendations at the moment and …. well some magic instead of logic would go a long way)

  7. Microseris

    Keith Marlow implies Rajendra Pachauri has a vested interest in his advocacy of climate change. This chestnut was raised by the denier media in 2009.

    In response to the allegations, TERI asked KPMG to carry out an audit of both TERI’s financial records and Dr Pachauri’s personal financial records. The Guardian published the KPMG review in 2010. The review concludes: “No evidence was found that indicated personal financial benefits accruing to Dr Pachauri from his various advisory roles that would have led to a conflict of interest”.

    In terms of qualifications, he is the chair of the IPCC, whilst there are 800 authors of the report, each with a specific area of expertise.

    Deniers, grasping at straws as if we have a plan B.

  8. floorer

    2dogs 255 scientists all agreeing on the topic they’re there to remedy doesn’t surprise me at all. Bit like all pollies agreeing to a pay rise, whoopee…just like any other club.

  9. keith marlow

    2dogs – I wasn’t attacking the person – its a fact he has no climate qualifications. I was commenting to the first sentence of the article namely “The world’s most influential climate scientist Rajendra Pachauri speaks..” – he ain’t no climate scientist; he is a bureaucrat. If you can find some actual climate qualifications he has then I with withdraw the statement – good luck!

  10. keith marlow

    Floorer – exactly, its a club who very existence depends on having climate change be proven to be man made – when NONE of all the 4 reports by the IPCC have correctly predicted the temperature since they have been published – all have come in with reality UNDER their lowest predictions.

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