Jan 14, 2013

G’day payday: Swisse addicts lap up Ellen’s subsidised trip

The weekend News Limited tabloids went to town on the 10th anniversary of the annual LA hoke-fest "G'day USA." Another year, another river of cringeworthy coverage.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

Another year, another river of cringeworthy coverage from the annual “G’day USA” event by News Limited journos sucking eagerly on the publicity teat. And this year they had a talk show queen to add to the mix.


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5 thoughts on “G’day payday: Swisse addicts lap up Ellen’s subsidised trip

  1. klewso

    Right next to their “Billion dollar drain” ….?

  2. zut alors

    With the exchange rate at the current figure the only way we’ll increase US tourists to Oz is if they all get freebie trips with paid expenses.

    As if the above-mentioned newspapers aren’t sufficiently vapid already, this Ellen drivel is overkill.

  3. Lady White Peace

    Insignificant, irrelevant people used to create superficial events that might , just might sell a few miserable, waning, in their last death throes newspapers; who for quite some time have done nothing but serve up : Mental Junk Food.

  4. MJPC

    GHUA from this US crap kulture!
    As if I needed a reason not to read News Limited drivel, along comes yet another confirmation.
    The question begs answering; what amount of $$ are the NSW taxpayers putting in for this “huge return”, and who is receiving the return? Is this like all of the other “C argo Cult” mentality for any event we are lumbered with including the Sydney Olympics, the gift that keeps on taking (I believe the only part of the expensive Olympic infrastructure that now makes a profit is the Oyympic swimming centre at Homebush).

  5. Richard Koser

    zut, you’re right, but there’s a pretty simple way to fix the exchange rate: tax the miners. Properly. The MRRT is a joke.
    Ellen dG did more for Aussie tourism when she voiced Dory in Finding Nemo than this trip will.

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