Jan 14, 2013

Essential: don’t make me vote, especially for Abbott

Australians are not entirely convinced on compulsory voting and certainly don't like being forced to give preferences. The latest poll from Essential Research shows a lack of public support for some of our electoral laws.

Cathy Alexander — Freelance journalist and PhD candidate in politics at the University of Melbourne

Cathy Alexander

Freelance journalist and PhD candidate in politics at the University of Melbourne

Less than half the population supports compulsory voting — but whether forced to vote or not, no one is in a hurry to cast a ballot for Tony Abbott as prime minister.

The latest poll results from Essential Research show voters are not enamoured with Australia’s electoral system, which is based on compulsory voting, often with mandatory preferencing thrown in. When Essential asked its online panel about a bid to make voting voluntary at the state and federal levels, just 49% said they’d oppose the move. Forty per cent said they’d support it and 11% said “don’t know”.

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22 thoughts on “Essential: don’t make me vote, especially for Abbott

  1. The Pav

    The crazy thing is that despite Abbott’s low numbers & Gillard’s relatively better numbers the Coalition are still ahead.

    Both parties need to do something

    The Govt need to get the positive part of what they have done out there ( Good luck with that given the News Ltd bias) but they certianly don’t need to knock Abbott.

    Whne the issue arises they should be statesman like. For example when he’s running around as a fireman don’t knock him but be daming with faint praise and point out it would be far more impressive if the camera weren’t there and if the real praise could go to the true fighters etc

    Or on other issues just be dismissive and say that’s typical Abbott what can you expect but we ( the govt) don’t focus on his failings but are keeping our eye on the ball and doing this positive thing. If people want to vote for an extremist like Abbott then that’s their perogative and its called democracy

    The other thing is if I was the govt I would schhedule an early morning press conference to announce/reinforce some positive intitiative. This would require Abbott to respond therefore he wouldn’t have tiome to get on his bike. As his office well knows that if Abbott can’t burn some energy off then he goes troppo during the day

    The Govt just need sto let Abbott destroy himself and stand aloof and promote positive actions. Avoid the politics of the negative which is Abbotts strong point.

    Any criticism he makes can be easily disarmed by just saying ” Well Mr Abvbott would say that …and then go into a positive amswer”

    For the Libs. Just get rid of Abbott & they’re home & hosed

  2. Mike Flanagan

    Hi Pav, how goes it?
    I am not entirely in accord with your suggested political strategy for the ALP.
    Ninconpoops like Abbott should be exposed for what they are, ambitious empty heads who intellectually vasilate between thought bubbles to serve their own ambitions regardless of there implications to the nation.
    They must be exposed to show any Opposition Party should attend to the real reason they are in opposition is because of past inadeqaucies and lack of updated policy development.

  3. The Pav

    G’day Mike,

    Absolutely stuffed after the holiday break.that’s me.

    TRouble with pointing out Abbotts failings then it becomes a bit of a school yard squabble andthe voters turn off to both sides.

    Like the old saying goes. Don’t argue with idiots. They drag you down to their level and beat you wioth experience”

    Although our generally supine media has yet to really call Abbott out I detect a slight breeze of change.

    I also believe that the numbers show the voters have rumbled to Abbotty so there is little benefir in further underlining his incapacity and unfitness. That’s a given. What is need ed for the govt is to establish a narrative that show cases tjeir considerable achievements.

    They can’t do both so it is better they don’t focus on Abbott

  4. Hunt Ian

    Essential Research needs to double its sample size before we can be very confident that the views in their sample match the overall population, provided we don’t have any other reason to think their sample will not match the overall population. That said, it does seem that Abbott draws disapproval. Since he gets a good run in the press, we have to ask why so many disapprove, despite the many opportunities he has to put his views in a good light, in any part of the media, including the ABC.

    One impression I have is he will wield power ruthlessly, if he gets a chance. Perhaps others pick up this scary side of Abbott, since not so many would share my rejection of what he stands for.

  5. geomac62

    An online panel for the poll result . Well how many in the sample ? 49% said they would oppose the move to voluntary voting as against 40% would support it . Maybe the heading should be more prefer compulsory voting than oppose it .

  6. tonyfunnywalker

    In my conversation with Liberals – they seem to be in a holding pattern – they want to vote Liberal but they cannot stomach Abbott but find they cannot vote for Labor.
    The redemption of Abbott is another failed campaign – they have made up their minds.

    Rudd is right – Abbott is the only hope that Labor has of winning and I have predicted that his early election promise for 2 years and the dirty vilification of the Independents and the series of beatups and dirty tricks would leave an odium on the electorate which will be hard to remove.

    The Gillard campaign at far better managed – Abbotts is all about Abbott (and that’s what is galling to the electorate) whereas Gillard is taking the more holistic view and focussed on the disadvantaged and on community concerns for issues like child abuse.

    The election should be about the economy and this is where the Liberals have the only advantage in the polls, but,even their conviction here is being eroded as Abbott is still remenbered as an econosceptic to add to his other scepticisms and the Ricardian bleatings of Judith Sloane are not helping his cause.

    It is obvoius that the Fairfax press have given up on Abbott and are increasingly in the Turnbull camp.

    News Ltd is in denial and are trying everything to support Abbott from Climate Scepticism based on the Met Bureau in the UK slowing the trend line for Global Warming — ( its still pointing North) and the misinterpretation of the IMF report or so they Claim. I remember the Fraser / Howard Fist Full of Dollars outcomes when I was paying 17% on our Mortgage – so much for the Howard Battlers at that time with the rampant inflation that Hawke and Keating had to fix. (the recession we had to have).

  7. The Pav

    Tony FW

    I think you fare right. The ALP needs to make the campaign about what they have done not Gillard.

    Standard answer by PM should bbe along the line “This isn’t about me but about what is best for Australia and we have done this.that and son on”

    Make it clear that Abbott is Abbott obsessed

    Then on the economic argument it should be put out there that the two profligate PM’s were Howard & his hero Menzies

    That the Liberal claims for economic credibility are built on sand and Joe Hockey’s inability to add up. Just repeat adnauseum their stuff up just before the lkast vote and ask how they can have any credibility

  8. Mike Smith

    @Pav: Like the even older saying goes – “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.” – George Bernard Shaw

  9. The Pav


    10 out of 10

    Hope the PM heeds it

  10. zut alors

    Mike S, that’s my motto, it’s a ripper,

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