Jan 11, 2013

Facebookie: social betting next big thing in gambling

You can't bet real money online, but you can play simulated casino games on your smartphone for "fun". If the law changes, researchers are concerned it may have impacts on how we gamble online.

Tom Cowie

Crikey journalist

Smartphones: they can do just about anything. But it’s their potential to act as casinos, bookmakers and even the humble bingo caller that’s got gambling researchers betting on trouble.

For the moment it’s pretty hard to gamble real money online — bookies, of course, are legal, but current legislation forbids online casinos from operating in Australia. That means games like blackjack, roulette and poker are technically not available to local internet players — although savvy operators can find their way to an overseas casino.

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7 thoughts on “Facebookie: social betting next big thing in gambling

  1. Venise Alstergren

    I don’t wish to be uncharitable, but, if people have so little to do with their time than to play some of the gambling games mentioned, they don’t deserve to live.

  2. andrew

    The same could be said for people who write stupid comments.

    Yes you.

    I wouldn’t agree. I’m above such nonsense.

  3. sparky

    In game betting games are much more subtle. My grandson is playing a game, Far Cry, which has a Poker section to get money to buy (guns by the looks). Marketing Jesuit style.

  4. Venise Alstergren

    ANDREW: Yes, it was stupid, and not worthy of your attention.

  5. Hamis Hill

    As the father of economics, Adam Smith pointed out, in an “Old ” economy like the China of two hundred years ago, the profitable money making niches had all, long since been occupied, leaving gambling as the only avenue to escape the doom of generations of grinding poverty.
    So it may not be that such people in present day Australia do not deserve to live but that, given their dim prospects, they hardly qualify for being alive at all.
    I blame Howard for killing the Australian economy with his $trillion mortgage debt, and creating a nation of desperate gamblers, which they certainly will be if they vote for his underling Abbott.
    In which case they will be dead, buried and cremated, by their own losing hand.
    Voting for a loser will do that won’t it?
    Its a Mug’s Game, mate!

  6. Venise Alstergren

    You left out alcohol. As for the unfortunate people living in grinding poverty, it will get worse. Thanks to big business, ditto the various religions, our birth rate makes us conceive like rabbits.

    Big business sees a bigger population as a way out of, or avoiding fiscal depressions. In fact a couple living in grinding poverty who produce seven children, only multiplies the problem seven times over.

    If the leader of the opposition gets into power it will probably double the amount of gaming venues. After all, it is the Church’s interests to have a malleable population.

  7. Venise Alstergren

    Is there no limit on the amount of political control being levied in the name of our children? Cowie makes the point that internet games will cause children to become gamblers. Like other pre-internet children I used to collect cards. This was done by swapping, or at times, buying cards from another collector. Why is it that I have an allergy to gambling? Nor did I become a captain of industry.

    It is almost par for the course for people to “care about children” when what they really want is to control our lives. The censorship brigade wish to ban all internet comment, sex and knowledge-because of our children. The government loves this argument because a ban such as this would give them a supine electorate. In Victoria you’re fined for swearing-because of the children? Video games present an unparalleled field of opportunity for our children to become addicted to gambling. This rather than the continual barrage of sporting bets on TV? Next thing we know we will stopping our children from learning to swim-IN CASE THEY DROWN!

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