Jan 10, 2013

Why the construction industry will struggle in 2013

House prices will go higher (though not by much) but the construction industry faces another tough year. Government's need to find the money to invest in infrastructure to boost the sector.


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3 thoughts on “Why the construction industry will struggle in 2013

  1. mook schanker

    Governments around Australia have pulled infrastructure funding left right and centre to protect budgets, firstly Vic then NSW, QLD and now SA (lucky NT & WA and TAS – ah well), oh and the Feds protecting some imaginary surplus.

    Vic won’t do much until the election year and the other states have a few years of baulking at spending till their elections come round. All this really doesn’t bode well for construction industry unfortunately….

  2. Hamis Hill

    This industry, reasonably, like all private enterprise like to have its books filled years ahead.
    Going into this election year the construction industry will surely see the present Labor federal administration as their only hope for survival…
    Perhaps someone should tell them.

  3. Hamis Hill

    2013 is the year for smart company directors to indicate that they do not want a demented Flibertigibbet as the nation’s PM.
    And put their money where their mouths are to make it so.
    The present polls tell us you cannot count on the voters for economic rationality.
    A direct line to Mr Murdoch, explaining their concerns, will go along way to “Rationalising ” the voters in this election year.
    The litle lambs cannot be allowed to go into the ballott booths in their present, Abbott-demented mind set.

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