Jan 10, 2013

Come in Spinner: death of the man who shaped the rhetoric of the Right

Albert O. Hirschman's The Rhetoric of Reaction is important because it explains how conservatives oppose change and what sort of narratives they use to do so.

Noel Turnbull

Adjunct professor of media and communications at RMIT University.

Tony Abbott, US Republicans, industry associations, PRs, political advisers and many others have sadly lost a man who did much to lay the foundations for, and explain, reactionary rhetoric.


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7 thoughts on “Come in Spinner: death of the man who shaped the rhetoric of the Right

  1. Justin Kerr

    Exit Voice and Loyalty is one if my favourite non-fiction books and is also excellent for thinking about management-employee relations. I’ll have to order the Rhetoric of Reaction.

  2. Michael

    The fact is that the ‘reactionary thought’ mantle has been worn by the left for at least 20 years.
    Fear of change to the hard won Leftist ethos terrifies socialists.
    But change is coming & it will be driven by the modern Right by mercilessly changing political correctness.
    Tremble yeah mighty, your time in the sun is coming to an end in Oz.

  3. CML

    And then what, Michael? A worse situation than we currently have! Some progress!!

  4. Mark Duffett

    Turnbull nails it, unintentionally I suspect, with “The “jeopardy thesis” basically says the cost is not worth it and will endanger whatever we have already achieved. This is the anti-mining and carbon tax argument…”

    This line is indeed run regularly as an anti-mining argument, with even less justification.

  5. Michael


    If you believe that the average Joe subscribes to political correctness you are deluded.
    The only ones who tolerate & enhance it are the morally weak intelligentsia (sic) who lack an inner core of self discipline.

  6. Karen

    @ Noel Turnbull – a crisp, elegantly written article. Well said!

  7. Venise Alstergren

    A fine article indeed. Love the description “futility thesis” aka “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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