Jan 9, 2013

On the fringes with Monckton and the anti-Islam creationist pastor

A new political force is led by an anti-abortion pastor who hates Islam, and will be launched next month by climate sceptic Christopher Monckton. Graham Readfearn of Desmogblog reports.

Lord Monckton

Pastor Daniel Nalliah, president of the fringe political party Rise Up Australia, has what you might politely describe as some fairly interesting views on matters of science, the climate, abortion and religious tolerance.

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46 thoughts on “On the fringes with Monckton and the anti-Islam creationist pastor

  1. Venise Alstergren

    Will no one rid us of religions’ nit wits?

  2. Hominoid

    What Venise said…. don’t expect senior figures in the ALP or Libs to address this. Nalliah is bordering on “Hate Crimes”, as is Monckton, who is also clearly deranged. How did he get a visa?

  3. Holden Back

    Of course the reaction of these people to comments like Venise Alstergren’s will be that their freedom of expression is being infringed.

  4. TheFamousEccles

    Fuck his freedom of speech, bow about my right to not have religious crackpots interfering in the political process? Isn’t there a separation of church and state enshrined somewhere in this country? As for Monckton, I would like to know how he got a visa?

  5. Steve777

    These clowns believe in a very spiteful God. They are hardly different from people they would cause ‘heathens’ quaking at Zues’ thunderbolts. And why is concern for life inside the womb inversely proportional to concern for the life of those already born?

  6. Roger Clifton

    There must be many climate-conscious readers who might alternatively say —

    If we fail our responsibility as custodians of God’s Creation, we are doomed to suffer His wrath.

  7. Blueblood

    I hope Adam Spencer interviews Christopher Monckton for ABC Radio again, the last one was priceless.

  8. Bill Hilliger

    I wonder what Mr Nalliah’s views are on little childern?

  9. Warren Joffe

    My admiration for Christopher Monckton grows by leaps and bounds (as does his thinking on all the secrets of life and things more mundane it appears). He is undoubtedly a very clever fellow with whom one would not be wise to get into a debate if one thought one was, as a specialist in Antarctic ice cores let us say, going to wipe him off the floor on AGW. But “birther”??? Really? I wonder if he should be awarded the decadal Horatio Bottomley Prize? Where would his real views and the Pastor’s intersect? I think he is a Catholic and, like recent Popes, a believer in evolution over a somewhat greater period than the Bible appears to deal with. So, any serious knowledge of the real Christopher? Anyone?

  10. مكينSultanofAustralisTerraNullius

    ohh Nalliah, du e så mycket mer än bara en vanlig hora
    o du suger så många fler än en vanlig hora
    för du jobbar så mkt mer än en vanlig hora
    du är väl inte så jävla jobbigt att bli knullad o suga kuk

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