Jan 9, 2013

Is Macca’s supersizing our cops? Fast food perks for law officers

McDonald's and Krispy Kreme entice cops and emergency services staff through the door with free or discounted fast food. Could these perks lead to corruption, and should they be banned?

Cathy Alexander — Freelance journalist and PhD candidate in politics at the University of Melbourne

Cathy Alexander

Freelance journalist and PhD candidate in politics at the University of Melbourne

An expert in police corruption has called for the practice of cops receiving free or discounted fast food to be banned, saying the burgers come with a free side of ethical problems.

Crikey understands McDonald’s gives free or heavily discounted food and drinks to uniformed police, ambos and fire department staff. The fast food behemoth recently aired an ad showing smiling ambos and cops slurping on their Macca’s (the ad was taken off YouTube this week).

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16 thoughts on “Is Macca’s supersizing our cops? Fast food perks for law officers

  1. paddy

    Link to survey in this article is borked.

  2. Turgle Bird

    ‘Corruption starts with a half-price hamburger’ – (iirc) Scales of Justice, ABC, 1983.

  3. rohan

    need to remove the ‘.’ from the end of the link.

  4. bruce prior

    The Glenugie protestors (jailed overnight for court in the morning) report that the only thing that the police offered to eat was Maccas!!!! Reported by Ian Gaillard as: “The Grafton police outsource their food to McDonald’s so we had to eat McDonald’s and drink Coke if we wanted something to eat.” Cruel and Unusual Punishment I reckon. The reference can be found here

  5. michael crook

    Anyone who saw the Professor Kelly Brownell interview on lateline in October 2011 knows that MCdonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks and Coke are addictive poisons targetting your children. It is not a treat it is poison. We fought , and beat McDonalds at Deagon (QLD) last year, but are facing a bigger fight at Sandgate currently. They are determined and governments are unwilling or unable to stop them despite the evidence. As a committee member of our local PCYC I see first hand the desire of serving officers to repay the gratuities received from McDonalds. Every McDonalds franchisee is instructd to get out into the schools, especially primary schools and youth sporting groups. They have taken “greenwashing” to an art form. Our research into the fast food industry gives one result, do not let your children eat this stuff. By the way, where in hell is Food Safety ANZ, the regulator, obviously not at home.

  6. Freddy T

    Lets look at the big players geting excessive perks and leave the coppers alone. I don’t think the world will end because some poor workers got a cheap burger.


    I have 2 problems with this practice:
    One: The cops skip their normal B/F and lunch and opt for free or dicounted fat food which is not good for thier well being and hit tax payers hip pocket and brings in efficiency by way of obeiss cops which is already evident on the streets.
    Two: The ” Maos ethical thoughts” translated from chinese goes like this ” A small leak in a big ship will eventually sink the whole ship” meaning corruption and stealing start small and when accepted as a norm gets big.
    In our society with 4 tax payer funded Royal commissions to investigate “Police corruption”, I would say let us go for ZERO TOLERANCE policy and start imposing hefty fines on businesses and big food chains who entice this habbit. I am sure you all get my drift!— let us get rid of it!


    Oh I forgot, I do support paying our defence and Police service personnel well above average wages so that they don’t have to worry about eating Junk food.

  9. JimDocker

    I think most people can tell the difference between a free hamburger and a brown paper bag passed under the table. I don’t go to fast food restaurants but if a cop was given a free hamburger while I paid, I would not think it constituted a breakdown in society.

    I know people can talk about thin edge of a wedge and slippery slope but common sense should apply.

  10. Spica

    Police called their uniform the discount suit long before that Scottish restaurant came to these shores.

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