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Jan 9, 2013

Credlin a 'reluctant' but savvy star in Abbott's female strategy

Were Peta Credlin's media interviews about her IVF issues really part of a deliberate strategy by the Tony Abbott camp to woo female voters? Yes and no, Crikey can reveal.


Political advisers rarely give on-the-record interviews. But was Peta Credlin’s Marie Claire chat — and subsequent follow-up in the News Limited tabloids, reigniting a debate on Tony Abbott’s views on female issues and IVF treatment — part of a deliberate strategy to woo voters? Yes … and no.

“They approached us,” Marie Claire editor and publisher Jackie Frank told Crikey as the magazine hit newsagents today. But a Credlin interview wasn’t what the Liberals had in mind — that was “serendipitous” timing, the high-profile editor reveals.

Late last year Julia Gillard and a cohort of Labor female ministers were interviewed by Frank for an eight-page glossy spread in the Lodge (the one where Gillard quipped “I’m taking badass as a compliment” after Jezebel dubbed her “one badass motherfucker” for her misogyny speech).

In response, Abbott media adviser Jude Donnelly gave Marie Claire a call. Donnelly, a former Howard government and AFL spinner, was hired by the Coalition last year to draft a female-friendly campaign and “in part, to handle media relations for ‘Margie and the girls'”, as The Sydney Morning Herald‘s Lenore Taylor reported last October.

Frank told Donnelly Marie Claire wasn’t interested in a story on Liberal MPs, but they already had Credlin earmarked for an article about 10 successful women in different fields under 45 and wanted to know if she’d be involved. Frank says Donnelly replied: “Well alright, we weren’t thinking of that but we’ll put it to her.”

The Feburary edition feature dubs Credlin “the political powerhouse”, appearing with other high-achievers like Carolyn Creswell from Carman’s Fine Foods and scientist Dr Kylie Mason.

In the article Credlin calls herself “a right-wing feminist” and talks about how she sat Abbott down to discuss his views on women’s issues when she was offered the CoS gig in 2009. Her “career tip” is that “spin will only get you so far in my job — substance is what will make the difference”, and she says sometimes in meetings full of men “some idiot” will try and make her feel like the token female. She also reveals her hardest day at work was the day after the dodgy joke at the CMFEU conference, when she had to front question time with a smile after finding out her fifth attempt at IVF had been unsuccessful.

Does Frank think she was used? “We’re apolitical,” she said, noting the Abbott camp couldn’t have foreseen they’d been planning a Credlin interview but obviously wanted to get involved with the high-profile mag. “I suppose Tony Abbott took an opportunity,” she said.

After hearing Credlin had chatted with the fashion glossy, News Ltd Sunday tabloids political editor Samantha Maiden got in touch with Marie Claire‘s publicist and was given an advanced copy of the story. Maiden then requested her own interview with Credlin. She also emailed Abbott’s office a number of quotes he’d made previously regarding IVF, contraception and abortion and asked him to pen an op-ed about his current feelings (the column appeared alongside the Credlin interview on Sunday).

Credlin agreed to meet up for a coffee, but Maiden says she appeared “reluctant and cautious about going on the record” and it only became clear towards the end of the interview she would allow any comments to be published. News Ltd papers splashed big with the story on Sunday, sparking fierce and often cynical debate on social media.

“My impression of Peta Credlin is someone who has had quite a traumatic experience with IVF,” Maiden told Crikey. “To attack her about being honest about the fact that she wanted to have a baby and it hasn’t happened is pretty heartless. She might be Abbott’s chief of staff, but she’s a human being.”

But Maiden is wise to the fact Credlin is speaking to the media for her own reasons. “There’s clearly a political point to what she’s doing, that she feels quite genuinely that people have got the wrong idea about Tony Abbott and he’s not as black and white on these issue as people think… If Peta Credlin wants to talk about this stuff, I’m not going to go up to her and put my hand over her mouth,” she said.



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52 thoughts on “Credlin a ‘reluctant’ but savvy star in Abbott’s female strategy

  1. Jimmy

    Yes Credlin’s story is genuine and the opportunity was fortunate but doe anyone really think that after approaching Marie Claire to try to get a “Tony is really warm and fuzzy” article and only being offered a spot for Credlin that Abbott, Credlin and any other big wig in the Lieral party didn’t workshop what would be said and how it was said.
    Just look at what was said “spin will only get you so far in my job — substance is what will make the difference” which fits well into the Liberals story of “the ALP is all spin and Tony is a man of substance”, “She also reveals her hardest day at work was the day after the dodgy joke at the CMFEU conference” again the Liberal party line of “those unions are really bad”, “she says sometimes in meetings full of men “some idiot” will try and make her feel like the token female.” but not my Tony and then of course the “Tony let me keep my drugs in his fridge and is misunderstood”.
    Of course a terrible boss could have forced Credlin to keep her drugs in the office fridge so she didn’t have to be wasting work time going back and forth.

    It is also weird that anybody who points out that TOny has been on the record making statements that contradict Credlins view have been attacked for being insensitive to Credlins plight when the 2 things are not mutually exlusive, you can feel for Credlin as a person but still see she is shovelling sh t about her boss for poltical reasons.

  2. shepherdmarilyn

    The thing is who cares about Credlin.

  3. Merve

    They hire a man to implement a female-friendly Abbott campain. OK….

  4. Antony Pincombe

    Peta Credlin is paid to make Tony Abbott look good. She is the animal called a ‘Spin Doctor’ after all so she is just doing her job. Of course she is disingenuous, if she were working for the Labor Party she would be working just as hard to make him look bad. She gets paid to say this rubbish as she is a ‘Spin Doctor’. What do ‘Spin doctors’ do, they spin half truths and lies so they are palatable to the general public. John Howard had some real experts spinning bullshit full time, Tampa, Children Overboard “I didn’t know!” What a load of Cockyshit! this is just the new way to do it, get a woman who gets paid something in the range of $250,000 to $500,000 per year to spin what a lovely bloke blokey Tony really is. When the truth is he is a fundamentalist catholic who believes Abortion, birth control, mini skirts, stem cell research should all be banned. He also believes once a woman is married she should be at home looking after the kids and doing the housework. He is a throw back to the fifties just like his mate Howard.

  5. Holden Back

    So this tells us Abbott is a ‘conviction politician’ who changes his word to suit the situation, even in the face of his faith’s stated views on issues.

  6. zut alors

    There’s too much vested interest in these interviews.

    It leaves the impression Credlin lacks cred.

  7. jmendelssohn

    What I found curious about this whole event is that the Telegraph article was published just as the full horror of the Tasmanian bushfires was dominating the news. Tony Abbott, who is usually all over any current news story and happy to leap into action man mode right away, limited his comment to one short tweet approving of Julia Gillard’s intervention so the main media effort from his office could focus on “evil left wing attack on troubled Peta”. His response that he would be joining the fight against fires as soon as he finished a Brisbane engagement came some considerable time later. I’m not suggesting action man should have taken a running jump at the flames, but a considered, statesmanlike response showing empathy with the many people who have lost their homes and all their possessions would not have gone astray.
    Other than showing that he won’t be a prime minister who can walk and chew gum at the same time, this tactical pause does indicate something fairly tacky at the heart of the Credlin revelations.
    It also shows that Tasmania isn’t exactly on the Liberal radar.

  8. CML

    I’m with Marilyn. Who cares what Credlin did, said or ‘spins’? Doesn’t change my opinion of Abbott one iota! He has spent years, decades, digging a hole for himself on all these ‘womens’issues’. Should have stopped digging a long time ago, if he wanted to have any credibility with most women. Hypocrite!

  9. Patrick Brosnan

    “My impression of Peta Credlin is someone who has had quite a traumatic experience with IVF,” Maiden told Crikey. “To attack her about being honest about the fact that she wanted to have a baby and it hasn’t happened is pretty heartless. She might be Abbott’s chief of staff, but she’s a human being.”

    Yea gods, is this level of credulity a desirable quality in contemporary journalism these days? Credlin has been singularly unsuccessful in increasing the likability of TA, surely that’s the story, i.e. “what the hell are you getting paid for”? She obviously is not interested in developing policy and to take a statement such as “spin will only get you so far in my job” without hedging it with liberal amounts of irony is just moronic.

  10. drmick

    Credlin and credibility? there are more than vowels and consonants missing here. Lets just remember who has the white folder parliament and creates and prompts the the negative rubbish delivered daily by the noberals; lets remember the person who was censured in the chamber for her behaviour; lets remember what Marilyn says. WTF? and who cares what she says anyway?
    I will say anything I am paid to say and will believe it for a lot more; Just like any Hore with a silent W & a political party to run.

  11. zut alors

    @jmendelssohn: ‘It also shows that Tasmania isn’t exactly on the Liberal radar.’

    Possibly Mr Consistency has changed his tune since offering Wilkie $1 Billion for a new hospital in September 2010. How quickly he loses interest.

  12. David Hand

    Peta Credlin has been made news-worthy due to the overreach of Gillard and her praetorian guard. It’s no surprise that Marie-Claire was interested in her story.

    The fact that she is a senior Liberal official simply means that she will express pro-Liberal opinion- something that is quite normal and fair.

    Marilyn Shepherd may not be interested but I doubt very many in the telephone box that houses the extreme left would be. Marie-Claire however wants to sell magazines and so chooses stories of wide interest. Peta Credlin has become interesting to middle australia as a direct outcome of Gillards shameless rant at Tony Abbott last October

  13. Jimmy

    jmendelssohn – Good point – I suppose the Libs had invested so much into getting the MArie CLaire interview and getting their friends at News Ltd to run it on the front page with a following double page spread and an editorial from Tony himself that they didn’t want it all to go up in smoke (pardon the pun) but alas it did, most people saw it for the cynical exercise it was and have already forgotten about it.

  14. Hamis Hill

    “A right-wing feminist”? Any historical examples?
    Boudicca? Nah, slaughtered to many Romans to be an inspiration for Credlin.
    Anyone else? Or is Peta the proto-type right wing feminist?

  15. Hamis Hill

    “A right-wing feminist”? Please explain!

  16. Hamis Hill

    Have a little “faith” and remember what “Crikey” actually refers to,”By Crikey”, and moderate your telling paranoia.
    “I’m just a boy whose intentions are good,
    Oh Lord, please don’t let me be (deliberately, politically) misunderstood.”
    With apoligies to The Animals and to hell with the political ones who camouflage their prejudices: poorly in the case of Crikeyists?.
    Some religious sensitivity on display in your censorious moderation criteria?
    A little bit light sensitive?
    Beyond Pathetic!

  17. klewso

    Was this about “Credlin’s IVF”? I thought it was about using that for trying to reconstruct the public perception of Abbott – aided and abetted by Limited News, spreading it further, beyond that magazine’s “puntership”?
    Who publishes Marie Claire? Interests of Kerry Stokes?
    …. What was his message to Alan Jones when he was in the gun for what he said about Gillard’s father’s dying of shame?

  18. joanjett

    (Sorry, can’t help but be cynical.) Does this mean that Peta Credlin is also “barren”? It would appear so. Nobody actually knows if the PM is “barren” or simply childless. Is Julie Bishop “barren”? Is being “barren” better or worse than being merely “childless”. Choice? Left it too late? Is it her hubby’s fault? Is he “barren/infertile”? Which is worse? Deliberately childless or “Barren” by nature?
    And the most important question of all…. is there a picture of her fruit bowl in the Marie Claire story? or is it barren too? Hmmm…

  19. Djbekka

    I think it is time to accept that male politicians can be both thoughtful husbands and fathers, respectful bosses, charming companions, good local members AND pit bulls in political debate. When media treats political activity like a personality contest, then policy (defence, welfare,climate change, etc.), political ideas (rights, freedom, etc.) disappear and are replaced by black and white caricatures of complex and contradictory people. Tony Abbott is a complex and contradictory man, we need to talking about his policy positions, the political ideas that shape his thinking and the values that he espouses. None of this can happen in a sound bite nor even a tweet or two. Let’s not belittle the fact that his family and chief of staff have a more complex view of him than he himself presents in political gaming like his opposition to the carbon price or in question time.

    No, I don’t agree with his politics, but I find it difficult to imagine that he can manage to surround himself with female dupes. I try to look beyond the games shaped by a public culture of debate reduced to name calling, snide remarks or gotcha comments and the repetition of slogans or talking points. Articles in women’s magazines often provide a more nuanced view of public figures than those found in the news articles. Maybe we would all be better served if there were nuanced views presented in more forms of media.

  20. Tom

    Peta Credlin, Australia’s Ann Coulter, nuff said.

  21. geomac62

    Credlin has what to say ? Abbott tolerated her IVF in the office fridge or supported her IVF efforts , well neither it seems . What has the relationship in an office with a close colleague by necessity to do with a politicians relationship and private thoughts with the Australian public ? Whyalla wipeout to python squeeze and now soft and cuddly , kimby , kimby , kimby . Bernie Banton , Hanson and quite a few others would disagree . Abbott doesn,t need a makeover he needs a moral compass and that doesn,t come with pap from friends and family .

  22. John Hargrave

    Peta Credlin simply told the truth about her experience with IVF..and the support to her that Tony Abbott gave. Tony has raised over $100, 000 for women’s refuges in Manly over the last few years and yet this never makes the news. He has also been a volunteer fireman for Warringah for many years..yet do either of these items of information ever make it through our left wing media?

  23. Lyn Gain

    I agree with Jimmy. As well, I find it difficult to understand the sort of mind that can turn their own genuine private IVF tragedy into public pro Abbott spin – that sort of dedication to the cause is a bit scary.

  24. Bill Hilliger

    If Bob Santamaria were alive today he would wholeheartedly endorse Tony Abbott and his mates Hockey, Pyne, Morrison, Brandis, Abetz, et al. Why? Because they’re all of the RC persuasion and yes they will bring back the 1950’s. I’m sure a certain Sydney Cardinal will be on the consultacy list for ongoing guidance regarding moral and ethical issues. Maybe the church tithe will also return.

  25. spudandbeanie

    If Credlin had told the story of the struggles and heartbreak that she and her husband, Brian Loughnane, had been through with IVF – all well and good. But she didn’t. She raised her IVF issues in the context of Union bashing and singing Abbott’s praises because he let her use his fridge. Her husband only received a scant mention in the newspaper article to say that he was head of the Liberal Party, and I guess they had to do that so people wouldn’t assume that Abbott was the ‘partner’ since the article was mainly about him. That it was about Abbott and his views may well be News Ltd’s fault as they were the ones asking the questions and writing the ‘yarn’, as it were. It came across as pure spin and just another episode in trying to woo the female vote following the failure of the News Ltd ‘Margie’ extravaganza.

  26. beachcomber

    Using your paid employee to paint you as soft and fuzzy is about as low as Tony Abbott has stooped. Everyone I know that has been through IVF is on an emotional, hormonal and physical rollercoaster. The last thing they would want is be splashed all over the national media, twitter and backyard BBQs. The sacrficial lamb has been thrown to the masses in a desperate attempt to change eveyone’s perception of Tony Abbott. Instead it reinforces the message that he’s a callous bastard with no idea.

  27. Antony Pincombe

    Tony Abbott is at the moment ‘Image Shopping’ trying to stop the ‘Anti woman’ rhetoric that has been coming out of not only the Labor camp but the Independents and Greens. He is trying too much to be ‘Woman Friendly’ when in fact his natural inclination is to be a ‘Bloke’ and stuff the women they don’t really count. It must have come as a huge shock to T Abbott that women actually count when votes are concerned. The biggest shock must have been that his Catholic Women’s Association Wife isn’t the norm in Australia. Now he is being rescued by his highly paid Spin doctor who just happens to be a working woman. Let’s face it, a Spin doctor would fornicate with the devil to sell their message no matter what sex they are!

  28. Mike Flanagan

    Thanks Amber for the above well written piece but I suspect it is really a précis of what we are about to be treated to by the Abbott menagerie over the course of the coming twelve months.
    While I, along with many others wish Ms Credlin well with her IVF endeavours and aspirations, but as Abbotts spin doctor she can only be described as dismal failure so far.
    Abbott’s personal polling throughout the community only confirms that as his COS she has failed to project this man as having any national leadership qualities what so ever so far.
    In fact having projected a Lycra clad sexist, budgie snuggling bike rider who enjoys the surf and the company of fire fighters she now has to retract her images to find some qualities in the empty head that are related to his over inflated egotistical pretension to the crown.
    That is going to prove difficult even after exposing her personal life to divert the sexist images she has cultivated over the past two years.
    In fact after policy development and application Ms Credlin may prove to be the third most important political asset for the re-election of Prime Minister Gillard’s Government in the forth coming election.

  29. geomac62

    John Hargrave
    Abbott got his mug in the media with his clean fireman gear on so which left ? wing media are you talking about ? A bit like his always clean safety vest for the 30 second stunts at various workplaces . Mind you the events take more than 30 seconds to organise its just Abbott doing 30 seconds of ” work ” thats short . Pedal cretin has Peta Credlin to thank for the stunts but not unfortunately for any policy press releases .
    Good point made before about barren regarding Credlin . Terrible term to use for anyone but if one side uses it the other can stay mute or retaliate . Better left unsaid at all as its a stupid and spiteful thing to say . I thought the libs prided themselves as the party of choice . A choice to wait too long for childbirth or a choice not to have an child while single doesn,t make a person barren just not a parent .

  30. Mike Flanagan

    John Hargrave;
    As a past active member of both the CFA and the RFS I would suggest a good many of todays volunteers and professionals woulf be offended by Abbott and Credlin’s media oppotunism.
    It has been a long time since, or perhaps never, Abbott has devoted a weekend to maintaining hoses, pumps and rakes etc on the local pumper.
    This man’s hypocracy has no bounds.
    I would suggest if someone took his gulwinged ears and shook him to his flat feet there would be no telling what might fall out of his empty head but I am confident it would rattle like Henry Ford’s ‘tin lizzie’.

  31. Hamis Hill

    “Abbott’s Female Strategy” aside, it is hard to see how his Chief of Staff can ever develop in Abbott the necessary gravitas to be regarded as a successful Australian PM.
    Look at the last leadership failures, Rudd, Turbull, Keating and of course Abbott and it is clear that the primary school education experiences of these individuals where leadership was taught as distant, infallible and quasi-divine (and definitely antagonistic to democracy) have put them out of kilter with the leadership expectations of a mature,and it might and should be said, Protestant democracy.
    Abbott is merely the latest leader who finds homself a “fish out of water” in the Australian polity, just like Campbell Newmann; they just do not and cannot get it.
    Gerard Henderson may have explained the present Catholic ascendancy in the Coaltion in his article “How Menzies Child Has Changed”, but Australia is not a Catholic country and never will be.
    What can Credlin and Loughnane do about that?
    Is it any wonder that Abbott’s low support in the polls numerically reflects the proportion of his co-religionists in the general population?

  32. bluepoppy

    I am not a Coalition supporter but does this really matter? They all do it. So what if TA or PC is out in the media as part of some pro-female PR strategy. There are always puff pieces on politicians. Rudd did it during the floods with the “I’m Kevin Rudd and I’m here to help”. There was a piece on Nicola Roxon and one on women gathering together with the PM to chew the fat. In response to some comments I reckon as long as TA is actually helping to put out fires and it is not a five second grab (like the US politician who invited himself in for 4 minutes at a soup kitchen) no harm done. Ultimately these pieces will not make up the voter’s mind, people being more prone to seeing their side of politics in the better light and vice versa.

    In all cases the stories are probably an element of truth, empathy, compassion (whatever the situation) as well as a media strategy. There is no point in highlighting obvious media strategies without acknowleding all of them.

  33. drmick

    And, of course, there are some who the do it for free.

  34. Mike Flanagan

    Blue Poppy;
    So far, I have only seen clean press clobber and camera make-up. Not a sign of ash, soot and grime let alone sweat with physical and emotional exhaustion and fatigue.
    All the volunteers and pros I have encountered keep their personal experiences to in house debriefs and post mortems and are commedably quiet achievers for their communities.

  35. GF50

    Credlin is a political animal. The inteview with Maiden really leaves no room for doubt That is was total sympathy bid for Abbott/LNP, herself (dirt file carrier), as pointed out in previous posts all about Abbott. We can stop with nuances offending her personal pain, or injuring any finer feeling, she has demonstrated verbally and by deeds that she does not have any. Neither Abbott or Credlin have any insight to decency, equality in all its specifics, nor any respect for the rule of law.

  36. Lyn Gain

    Maybe someone can explain this to me. Abbott is supposed to have returned from holidays so he can be on ‘standby’ for his local fire brigage. But Abbott lives in the city doesn’t he where firies are all paid workers, not like where I am in the bush where they’re all volunteers. I didn’t think the city ones had volunteers. Am I missing something??

  37. Hominoid

    We all operate with mixed motives sometimes, including Credlin and Direct Action Man. I don’t read Marie Claire, but am told by some smart women who do that it is a half decent mag in terms of content. I have faith that the MC readership will be smart enough to see the article for what it is and feel some personal empathy for PC, but not buy the “TA as woman’s rightist” guff.

    The “Right Wing Feminist” line is a load of matronising, oxymoronic crap. Lets not forget that women can misogynistic too….

  38. Antony Pincombe

    Hominoid the female equivalent of a misogynist is a misandrist. Lyn you are quite right the city firies are all paid workers so I fail to see how he could be on standby for his local fire crew. He may have a beach house or something but it would be unusual for people in that position to be a volunteer for the local EFS. Mainly because they are not available to help on a constant basis and would have to be available to endure all the training and serve the required volunteer hours to qualify and be a member of a crew. This Firie thing is just more SPIN!

  39. David Hand

    Just so I understand what all you afficianados of the left are saying.

    Gillard can run a smear campaign by calling Abbott a misoginyst out of a heroic desire to defend downtrodden women.

    Gillard can pose with her handbag hitsquad in Marie Claire as a response to the deep interest the public has in her great relationship with her good mates Macklin, Plibersek and Roxon.

    Credlin responds to an approach from Marie Claire and talks about her failed IVF from the most base and evil political manoevering and spin at the behest of her sexist boss, the disgusting Abbott.

  40. Lyn Gain

    Hominoid, Love new word to me ‘matronising’. Thanks.

  41. joanjett

    @hominoid I cancelled my Marie Claire sub the day they put Jennifer Hawkins on it nude without airbrushing/photoshopping and called it the ‘body issue’. Yeah right, that’s really couragous, using a bloody model without airbrushing, complaining about the microscopic bit of cellulite on her right thigh or whereever it was. It lost all credibility for me and demonstrated that is was but a pale shadow of its UK parent. At least Vogue doesn’t pretend to be anything except vacuous!

  42. Jimmy

    DAvid Hand “Gillard can run a smear campaign by calling Abbott a misoginyst” Is it really a smear campaign if the core allegation is true?

    And Credlin can tell hre story in whatever forum she wants but just don’t try and tell us that it isn’t a political manouvre and don’t have the Bishops feign outrage when people point out the inconsistencys with what Abbott is on record saying and Credlins warm and fuzzy story.

  43. geomac62

    David Hand
    I,m not sure what is left or right as Menzies used yo be on the right but would now be centre left .
    Julia Gillard responded to Abbott and his innuendo and sham indignation . That was not a smear campaign it was a robust and honest outing of an oaf who tried to lecture the PM .
    Marie Claire was approached by the libs not the other way round which I thought you would have known .

  44. drmick

    David Hand
    If the right didn’t script it then it must be wrong?
    So we are supposed to believe what we are fed by the pathetic trash that parades itself as “the media” , suspend all credibility when we don’t agree with blatant dishonesty, b@stardry and gross misrepresentation of fact, and accept the rubbish they Hand us. This is in spite of the fact that we can, and do, make our own minds up when we see the facts and hear the truth.
    That shite doesn’t, (and didn’t) even work in the USA where they have the best politicians money can buy & the same press distortion courtesy of the same loser.
    If it looks like it and smells like it, we don’t need the pathology report or any further explanation from their supporters to tell us what it is.

  45. David Hand

    They’re all political manoevres. That’s my point.

  46. David Hand

    Geo, read the article.
    The Libs approached Marie Claire and they said they weren’t interested. But they “already had Credlin earmarked for an article”.

  47. Lyn Gain

    Sorry to ruin my good story Antony, but I just checked and Warringah is actually part of the Rural Fire Brigade so it is possible for Abbott to be a volunteer.

  48. geomac62

    Earmarked is not a definite like scheduled , a possible . As you say the libs approached the mag not the other way round .

  49. geomac62

    Blue poppy
    In response to some comments I reckon as long as TA is actually helping to put out fires and it is not a five second grab (like the US politician who invited himself in for 4 minutes at a soup kitchen) no harm done
    Abbott was on stand by , not fighting fires . No ash or soot on his uniform . Wonder if he claimed 345 bucks a day for official business like he did for the 9 day charity pollie pedals ride ? Doubt it because its in his electorate .

  50. Antony Pincombe

    Wow I didn’t realise there was a branch at Warringah. But still the chances of a Bush Fire in Warringah are Buckleys and none. He would have to have the Safety Induction firstly and then either the Bush fire Fighting or Village Fire Fighting or both to be allowed to fight fires. If he is a member of the Warringah CFS then why does he not prove it instead of making throw away comments. This is what I mean about credibility. He gives a throw away line like ‘I am a member of my local CFS’ but does not prove he is a member or has ever volunteered there.

  51. Harry Rogers


    “Maybe we would all be better served if there were nuanced views presented in more forms of media”

    Youve come to the wrong place Im sorry . This forum is for Liberal and Labor spin merchants and fanatics to flog it out. However its entertaining and unfortunately I cant recommend any blog site where they actually debate !!!

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