Jan 8, 2013

Get Fact: has Rupert got it right on climate change?

Rupert Murdoch reckons the world is growing greener with increased CO2 and there's no need for renewable energy. Crikey asked forest ecologist Dr Chris Weston to analyse Rupert's conclusions for our Get Fact series.

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8 thoughts on “Get Fact: has Rupert got it right on climate change?

  1. The Pav

    Mostly Rubbish………Pretty well covers News Ltd.

    As to the first tweet being mostly true,well that brings me to a line from Shakespeare( I think) The truth told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.

    Yup , we’re really well served by the likes of Murdoch.

    Bet Jones doesn’t make a comment about how Rupert’s mother would feel about him given the gross disparity in ethics

  2. Roger Clifton

    C3 grasses do appear to increase photosynthesis under elevated CO2 (says Will Steffen and Pep Canadell, 2005). However if that does get stored as cellulose or starch, the value as livestock feed has been reduced, because the ratio of protein to carbohydrate is worsened.

  3. hern andog

    just a crazy thought, increased vegetation (from c02) + increased temp severity (esp. dry period) + increased rainfall (from the other end of the spectrum) = increasd Oh-Oh’s

  4. Jeremy Williams

    I suspected Rupert’s official position (give planet benefit of the doubt, newslimited being carbon nuetral etc) was disingenious given the completely dishonest reporting by so many of his papers – the Oz being one of the most dishonest on climate change

  5. Steve777

    I’m waiting with baited breath for Rupert’s opinions on the Higgs Boson, String Theory, Loop Quantum Gravity, the Anthropic Principle and Dark Energy. Surely such a great scientific mind must have an opinion.

  6. Mike Flanagan

    He most certainly would have something to offer to enlighten us Steve , but what it is, depends on who he is talking to.
    The above twisted tweets are in complete contradiction to what he had to say to investors about risk management on the subject of projected climate change.

  7. Mark Duffett

    Eh? If the first tweet is ‘mostly true’, how does the entirety stack up as ‘mostly rubbish’? As regards the second, how is a forest ecologist qualified to pronounce on the uselessness or otherwise of renewable energy investments? The unstated assumption that all renewable energy investments are necessarily an unmitigated good for the climate remains unexamined.

  8. Barry Tucker

    Murdoch wanted to develop a coal mine in Australia in the mid-’70s, with foreign money. PM Gough Whitlam stopped it on “national interest” grounds, according to Mungo MacCallum. I’m researching what non-renewable energy resources Murdoch has a financial interest in today.

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