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New South Wales

Jan 3, 2013

Plane wrong: the myth of Sydney’s $11 billion new airport

Barry O'Farrell is massaging the truth when he claims a new airport at Badgerys Creek could cost the state up to $11 billion. Blogger Ben Sandilands explains why it's not such a bad option -- and takes aim at NSW's grand infrastructure muddle.

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3 thoughts on “Plane wrong: the myth of Sydney’s $11 billion new airport

  1. Oliver Townshend

    Am I missing something? Is there an article?

  2. Gorgeous Dunny

    Yes, I’ve got the same problem, Oliver.

    I thought it might be my changed email address, but the computer still seems to recognize me when I log in. And my subscription is still up-to-date.

    Where’s the article?

  3. tim bohm

    The articles is missing just like the Bullet Train linking Canberra Airport and Sydney Airport. We don’t need a second Sydney airport we need high speed rail.