Packer byline watch. Is James Packer contemplating the life of a columnist? How else to explain the slimmed-down casino mogul’s accumulation of newspaper bylines, which are multiplying faster than a horde of boozed-up blackjack players on a Saturday night at Crown. Packer’s latest effort lobs in the “Summer” section of today’s Sydney Morning Herald, where he lauds the city’s harbour fireworks, its growing small bar scene and, of course, the planned redevelopment of Barangaroo, where he wants to build a top-end casino.

All in all, it’s classic PR. Where will we see his dinkus next?

Video of the day. A year in news and current affairs from the team at ABC News. Here’s a timelapse of Aunty’s homepages for 2012:

Front page of the day. Storied US mag Newsweek is putting out its last print edition this week. The final cover juxtaposes a retro picture of its New York office with a hashtag, one of the key tools of online journalism. As one social media wag put it, it’s like identifying the killer with your last breath.