Global fail: more journos gone. The crisis at beleaguered long-form journalism experiment The Global Mail continues to roll, with the confirmed termination of the position of star reporter Stephen Crittenden. Crittenden's exit adds to a slew of front and back office redundancies following an "independent review" of the website's operations -- big names including journalist Gordon Weiss, Jess Hill, Sharona Coutts, Sarah-Jane Collins, Joel Tozer, Monica Attard and investigative intern Paul Farrell have all left or quit this year, taking the total number of editorial departures to nine. Just six editorial staff remain from Attard's initial hiring round 12 months ago.

The close relationships among The Global Mail's remaining employee base continue to raise eyebrows. Newly-appointed deputy editor Sam Bungey is Telstra director Geoff Cousins' stepson -- Cousins worked closely with TGM funder Graeme Wood to stop the Gunns pulp mill. As Katrina Nicholls wrote in a cracking Weekend AFR piece in 2006, Michael Bungey's friendship with Cousins ended abruptly when Michael's ex-wife Darlene married Cousins. Bungey is also famous author Geraldine Brooks' nephew, who lived for many years on Martha's Vineyard with TGM editor Lauren Martin and her TGM writer hubby Mike Seccombe.