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Dec 21, 2012

Left turn for 2UE, with programming in disarray

Right-wing radio presenters are out at Fairfax's Sydney station 2UE. But replacements remain up in the air and staff have been left hanging over the 2013 schedule.

Matthew Knott

Former Crikey media reporter

Fairfax’s struggling Sydney radio station 2UE is in disarray as it seeks to ditch its hard-right strategy by promoting moderate presenters and integrating its operations with The Sydney Morning Herald next year.


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8 thoughts on “Left turn for 2UE, with programming in disarray

  1. Arty

    Could be good news.

    Maybe I will be able to get the improved SMH news without breaking through a pay-wall.

  2. Hugh Malcolm

    Fairfax has some bad form with honouring contracts. Appalling corporate behaviour
    Have a look at what’s happened with some senior journalists t the smh and age.

    As much as I dislike many of Morrison’d views he is a good person and has been very good to many newcomers in radio.

    He deserves better. 2UE with Dicko. Dicko fail.

  3. The Pav

    Maybe the media will get the message.

    Balance & quality count if you want to have a long term future and that while the Asutralian public will go with the flow for a while eventually their sense of balance will come through.

    If trhe Austlian wants to have any chance of surviving then they should take thios lesson on board

    The biggest question is will Alan Jones survive much longer. He is preaching to a fast declining ( in more than one sense)audience.

    Fox News in the states is starting to face the same constrictions.

  4. klewso

    With only so much to go round, why wouldn’t they “move”?
    Singo’s unbalanced 2GB – sponsored by and run as “Conservatives ‘R Us PR Inc” – has that demographic corralled?
    The only ones that listened to 2UE were those that thought Jones and the rest of “the alter boys” go to far?

  5. Steve777

    Seems like a sensible strategy. 2UE and 2GB have about 20% of the listeners between them, split about 4:1 in favour of 2GB. It would make a lot more sense to leave the wacko right to 2GB and go after the politically engaged left, centre and moderate right. After all, Mike Carlton was quite popular on Sydney radio in the past.

    It’s not just the politics but the style of delivery that must put many people off. I would not like angry voices bellowing over the radio while I have breakfast and get ready for work, even if they said stuff I agreed with.

  6. Cuppa

    2GB is in the politically Right-wing corner. 2SM the same. The ABC under ex-Liberal staffer Mark Scott has deserted the centre and is marching in the same rightward direction.

    That leaves the Centre-to-Left vacant and uncontested. Good thinking of 2UE to jump in and occupy the fertile territory before another operator sees the opportunity. I wish them every success.

  7. dale ross

    It may seem a ‘sensible strategy’ but the very ideas of rewarding Fairfax Media for promoting hate and prejudice on radio is an anathema.

    Too little too late. The sooner these radio behemoths plunge and fail , the sooner genuine reporting may come back to the airwaves.

    If Fairfax think that’s Kate McClymont or Dickinson then they haven’t learnt a thing.

  8. John Hargrave

    I can’t even understand what Dicko is saying at the best of times-let alone in the morning-sorry Dicko

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