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Dec 21, 2012




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21 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is …

  1. drmick

    It really would be the end of the world if frame 5 got its wish. Nice shot at the un-flushed old, (when I was a young bloke), turd-farmer.

  2. Holden Back

    A moulty porpoise?

  3. zut alors

    Malcolm should be very careful what he wishes for.

    Frame #4 is an end-of-year treat and captures the essence of the subject. Much obliged, Mr Dog.

  4. paddy

    Re:frame 8
    I’m actually old enough to remember that book. Methinks the Powerfox has plans for the Opp front bench with this ingenious device from the same book. http://is.gd/PsUvJa

  5. zut alors

    I’ve just realised why Lumpy Lardclacker is so livid – he thought Swannie had promised him a Slurpee.

  6. drovers cat

    If it’s the end of the world, then so be it.
    But if the Mayans got it wrong, well, it won’t be the end of the world.

    btw call me an old rogue but I liked that last Morgan poll. So there.

  7. klewso

    Maybe we can get Wayne a surplice?

  8. klewso

    Speaking in Jethro (considering his miner party status), frame left thumb :- isn’t that Pilbara Island – what’s going to be Left of Australia ….?

  9. klewso

    …… from Pell’s “Surplices & Car Covers R’ Us”?

  10. drmick

    Didn’t WAGina fly out a dodgy “Sir” Plus to tell us all about everything?
    He had a wall eye a flat head and a warped sense of purpose in advising companies and conservatives on how to undermine the credibility of the law, the government & anything else they detested.
    We should all be happy if we don’t see him again.

  11. ernmalleyscat

    Zut’s 1.54 gem has made my day.
    And that caricature of PJK shows that Firsty really can draw people. You should put it on a plinth.

  12. Andrew L

    Dog bless us every one

  13. Holden Back

    @ klewso Oooh, Belgian Lace! Somehow I think Swanny would have to fight the erstwhile Speaker for that, before it got out of the Santa Sack.

  14. fractious

    Wonder what Balloon Head wants for Christmas? A re-count perhaps?

  15. Steve777

    Gina would also want a white, blue-eyed Turkish Angorra cat: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Blofeldpleasance67.jpg

  16. Steve777

    Scott Morrison also wants lots of asylum seeker boats to arrive in the leadup to the polls. The thought that Morrison could ever be PM fills me with horror, but it’s a real possibility.

  17. rhwombat

    fractious: a new cat ?

  18. fractious

    not until the old one upstairs stops wetting itself laughing

  19. fractious

    The Erstwhile Speaker* wants a “back” button on his phone. At the barbie after the pre-Xmas pantomime, James (“Cinders”) Ashby will insist his stake be done Rare as it’s the only way to do it Justice.

  20. fractious

    For * see Holden @3.49

  21. Holden Back

    I really don’t want to know who’ s playing Widow Twanky in that pnto, fractious.


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