Dec 21, 2012

2012 Crikeys: the best in film, books, TV, theatre, music

What was the best film of 2012? The best TV show? The book you have to read, the video game you have to play, the album you have to download, the theatre you should have seen? Crikey picks the best.

The envelope please … From the cultural landscape via Crikey Weekender, we present the best from the big and small screens, stages, bookshelves, computers and music collections in 2012.

Best film of 2012: The Grey

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14 thoughts on “2012 Crikeys: the best in film, books, TV, theatre, music

  1. MAR

    Call me a pedant, but a memoir cannot be the novel of the year.

  2. moonkid

    Interesting call on Best Film, Luke. I saw another end of year list call it the worst. Personally, I thought it was great, other than the somewhat hokey wolves themselves.

  3. moonkid

    Also – great call on Girls, Dan. Loved everything about it.

  4. wayne robinson


    You’re a pedant. I only looked at these comments to see if I could be the first to comment that ‘Josep Anton” isn’t a novel.


  5. paddy

    Sorry to call Luke out on this one. But choosing “The Grey” over “The Separation” as best film of 2012? Not even close.

  6. Phen

    Girls is dull all right!

  7. Matt Hardin

    Pedantically Wayne and MAR, Ms Blanchard referred to it as “book of the year” not “novel of the year”.

  8. libratorr

    I’d have rather seen an unranked list of each of these reviewers’ favourites of the year, and maybe a roll-call of luminaries from the film, tv, lit, etc. critical communities regarding their preferred works. One entry from each reviewer feels like a lazy choice.

    Don’t get me started on the lack of diversity in the reviewer selection.


    Buckmaster’s picks always disappoint me!

  10. Gorbach Kate

    I agree with Monash. Buckmaster’s reviews and selections always seem out of sync with everything else I hear. At least it’s a different POV I guess.

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