Dec 20, 2012

‘We’re the reason you fly Emirates’: Qantas gets its partner

The ACCC has all-but approved the Qantas-Emirates partnership -- cementing Qantas' future as a cipher rather than an airline in its own right. What will be the impact on consumers and the tourism industry?

Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking


Now that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has made it clear that it will grant final but conditional approval to the Qantas-Emirates partnership, what will it mean for the future of Qantas, to consumers and to the tourism industry?


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3 thoughts on “‘We’re the reason you fly Emirates’: Qantas gets its partner

  1. John Bennetts

    When is running an airline the same as not running an airline?
    When that airline is Qantas.

    Goodbye, red kangaroo.

    My next trip has been booked and paid for – on an American airline. Nothing else came close.

    Earlier this year, international flights were via several Chinese airlines. Same reason.

    Of course, I asked for Qantas, but the commercial reality was that to follow my heart would be inconvenient, expensive and ultimately foolish.

    When is that leprechaun going to pocket his millions, fly back to Ireland and leave us with the shell of an airline, plus the memories?

  2. Kristian N

    “it would be much more convenient to fly all the way to whatever your final destination may be on Emirates, avoiding changing carriers in Dubai.”

    Why is that? If you’re changing planes anyway I don’t really see the issue…

  3. Mii

    Been flying Singapore for years after having had a gutfull of QANTAS. Never looked back. Competition is a wonderful thing. Should be more of it.

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