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Dec 20, 2012



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38 thoughts on “Too long didn’t read

  1. Holden Back

    Putting Up Important Notices Signed Abbott – sheesh.

  2. zut alors

    You’ve improved him substantially with that bucket, Mr Dog.

    Ok, let’s put our collective heads together for what’s on Toady’s list…

    My guess: help Boris fix a puncture on his bike.

  3. Jimmy37

    …and one for me while you’re at it, thanks.

  4. ernmalleyscat

    TL;DR but I did actually LOL all the way through.
    I laugh just thinking of the echo inside the bucket. Top work.

  5. Mark Duffett

    Presumably that would be a bucket list.

  6. John Bennetts

    One of your finest, Mr On-the-Moon.

    I really don’t know what the electorate (well, a quarter of the electorate) see in him, anyway.

    Wait a minute… can it be true that several million Australians are bucket-wearers?

  7. klewso

    What sex is that bucket…?

  8. klewso

    “Look a bucket of regurgitated matter”?

  9. First Dog On The Moon

    dammit EMC i should have done an echo joke as well

  10. klewso

    I heard from someone who says they know someone who read it (but is not Mal Brough) that #1 on that list of important things is
    “Getting out of Australia, and it’s politics, for a while”?

    [That will elevate the level of public debate for a start.]

  11. Andrew L

    It makes more sense now…

  12. ianjohnno1

    There’s a hole in the bucket, dear …

  13. drmick

    How did you get that bucket over his buccaneers?. This is a pisser Mr Dog.
    A new species for that mob in NT,The Bucket Mouthed Bat. Deaf dumb and blind and a perfect colour match between his bucket and his sluggos.

  14. rhwombat

    Actually, I think that this is the best yet FD, and certainly the most quintessential summary of what it must be like to dwell inside the pugilistic mustelid’s head . Outstanding.

  15. zut alors

    His PR people should seriously consider this as an option. Swinging voters would find him less offensive wearing the bucket. Imagine the excitement and media opportunities when he dons the fluoro vest and joins the production line at a bucket factory…whilst already wearing one! Voters will go wild.

  16. Gareth

    The Tony Abbott i know, wouldn’t be talking to a Walkley award winner without minders.

  17. rhwombat

    Drm – so if he wore black sluggos, he’d look more like Darth Vader? Hmmm, come to think of it JB does look like the Emperor Palpatine. I think it’s the eyes. Also CP=C3PO. Is it possible that the whole LNP is another miserable Star Wars prequel? That would explain a lot.

  18. The Pav

    Tony Abbott the current opposition leader and alternative PM who can’t read……….

    Hmmmmmmmmm And they call Australia the Lucky country

  19. Saugoof

    “Now Timmy, why didn’t you do your homework?”
    “Look, I’m doing important things for the people of Australia right now!”

    This is awesome! An all-purpose excuse that works in every situation in life

  20. The Pav

    Hang on folks Misty Wabbit is doing important work for Australia.

    He’s not in the country.

    What greater contribution could he make?

  21. drovers cat

    Perhaps this will stop him uttering his usual beyond-the-pale rhetoric

  22. Peter Roberts

    Suddenly, ‘no significant knowledge’ ‘pails’ into significance. Top one FD.

  23. John Bennetts

    Hey, Rhwombat, when you mentioned JB I do hope that you meant Julie Bishop and not me, I, or Myself.


  24. Plonkoclock

    Dear Doggonauts! Win a night out with our next PM! Hear first hand all the important things he is doing for us!
    Just complete this sentence: The Tony Abbott I know is…..

  25. Holden Back

    @ Plonk . . . arsehattery personified.

  26. Holden Back

    Hyacinth’s sister, Edna Bucket!

  27. zut alors

    @ Plonk,

    …is a pail version of his former self.

  28. ernmalleyscat

    The Tony Abbott I know is … Christian Grey … with a bucket on both ends.

  29. klewso

    Holden, I like that “Edna” – reminded me of Emma Chiset.

  30. klewso

    Just heard …… Toady’s read that report about “the surplus” ….?

  31. drmick

    @Plonk; ……what a life support system for an ar3ehole looks like.

  32. Plonkoclock

    Top marks to Holden for the best pun! Your invitation is in the male..

  33. Andybob

    @ Plonk
    … Scraping the bottom of the bucket with his eyebrows.

  34. rhwombat

    Is it a bucket, or is it a wastepaper bin?

  35. Holden Back

    Thanks so much, plonk, but unfortunately I’ll be washing my hair with a cup of cold sick containing bits of the arm I gnawed off to avoid inane politics that night.

  36. Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay

    I think Rabbot should be given an award for the work he is doing to reclaim the colour Red for the right of this country..

  37. klewso

    Doesn’t Toady sub-contract out the reading of these reports to “Murdoch Op-ed Hacks & Trolls” (like Sheridan, at cafes?) to tell him what to think, say & do in response?

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