Dec 20, 2012

After shaky start, 2012 a triumph for feminism

Despite all the claims that feminism is dead, 2012 proved a landmark year for women around the world -- from Julia Gillard's misogyny speech to Hillary Clinton. Is social media facilitating a new wave of feminism?

Jane Caro

Novelist, author and social commentator

It didn’t begin well. The first memory I have of 2012 is of Prime Minister Julia Gillard being clutched to the bosom of a burly security man and being half carried, half dragged away from a group of irate demonstrators, who were baying for opposition leader Tony Abbott’s blood. She had tripped while being hustled away and lost a shoe, hence the unseemly footage. It reminded me of the old movies I used to hate as a kid where the heroine tripped and fell when running away from the baddies so that the hero got to prove his bravery by rushing back into the teeth of danger to save her.


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15 thoughts on “After shaky start, 2012 a triumph for feminism

  1. Buddy

    Thankyou Jane. Thankyou for never being afraid to call it how you see it. Thankyou for being an ever present and vital voice for so many women in our media, where we are so often misrepreented, ignored and belittled. Thankyou for summing up a year that so many feel has been a turning point. Where for so many for so long have been pilloried into silence we are now standing strong strong together and saying ENOUGH. What i am also enjoying is the many, many men who are standing alongside of us…

  2. Peter Donoughue

    It’s NewTOWN, not Newton.

  3. innerwestie

    You’re also to be congratulated for being such a powerful and unapologetically supportive voice for women and public education, Jane. Keep on destroying the joint!

  4. Ron King

    Dressing up Gillard’s actions is feminist warrior costume is poor fare from Caro.

    The issue Jane is the content of Gillard’s character – not the colour of her gender.

    Slipper was a disaster waiting to happen for Gillard…another example of her seemingly clever short termism and idiocy at the long game. This woman hasn’t got the brain power, political wisdom or character to imagine the consequences of her actions.

    Misogyny hate speech hurled at Abbott for the purpose of defending Slipper – party rat, weirdo trad Anglican Minister who dresses up in funny robes, tweets twats to honey trappers and makes Kevin Rudd’s church door hypocrisy looks saint-like in comparison.

    And so the press thought Gillard’s speech was a cynical ploy – that it was – and a disgrace to the high office of Prime Minister.

    It might have impressed the feeble minded female kiddies with tongue and nose studs and chinese dragon tats on their bums – but thankfully not the majority of voters who can’t wait to get Gillard out.

  5. iggy648

    “Misogyny hate speech hurled at Abbott for the purpose of defending Slipper – party rat, weirdo trad Anglican Minister who dresses up in funny robes, tweets twats to honey trappers and makes Kevin Rudd’s church door hypocrisy looks saint-like in comparison.” Could you just remind me how many times the Liberal Party endorsed Slipper again?

  6. Dave Kelly

    Brilliant Jane. Are we finally breaking out of the faux take on our society that the main stream press media has smothered us for years? This is why I sub to crickey. A bit of balanced journalism to restore my faith. Along with Keane, Rundle, FDOTM! etc. I thank you.

  7. Peter

    The misogyny speech would have been a very good speech had it been made in a different place and in a proper context – there was no misogyny in evidence at the time the speech was made. The PM was agitated from the political attacks by Abbott, and then became furious from his inappropriate comment, along the lines that her government would/should die of shame – a careless use of words too close to those Jones used in reference to her father.

    The PM should not expect to treated in anyway different to a male politician in terms of the gender-free, robust political language used against her and her government by the Opposition.

  8. Dawn Baker

    Thanks Jane for a recap of the victories of women to be heard and understood this year.

    Peter, your insightless comment is a mirror of the attitude of entitled males who don’t get it! Run your comment past your female friends and listen to their response.

  9. Ron King

    iggy 648

    One too many times iggy. Shows you the power of incumbency. Howard never made Slipper speaker though did he?

  10. Peter

    For Dawn…why did you bring gender into it Dawn, and where does your reference to “entitled males” come into it…it’s not a male/female issue, we’re talking about people.

    I hope you’re not suggesting the PM’s gender has to be taken into account in the hurly burly of political discourse in the House. You do remember I hope that it was the PM who, on taking office, said to Abbott, “game on”. He has engaged her in the game at her invitation.

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