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Dec 19, 2012



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15 thoughts on “We screamed at the sky

  1. Mark Errey

    If 20 seven year olds had died from smoking drugs the legislative response would be swift, potent and have universal support from legislators, there can be no doubt of this.

  2. zut alors

    Words words words and then…? You don’t need to be a seer to know the answer.

  3. ernmalleyscat

    Is this about Africa?

  4. Tim Niven

    ernmalleyscat – hear, hear

  5. Andybob

    Ah, monochrome, cue introspective reflection. What I intend to change is the lingering fascination with guns as well designed machinery exerting power at a distance and commanding attention. I have almost no personal experience of guns, yet this perception has been created by countless images and films portraying guns as sexy.

    Now I try to imagine a gun as an axe handle with nails in it. Something brutal and unlovely. James Bond sure looks different holding it.

  6. drmick

    I am with Chris Rock on this one: he reckons that we should sell as many guns as we like, but charge $5000 for each and every bullet.

  7. First Dog On The Moon

    yes EMC it is

  8. Stevo the Working Twistie

    Guns don’t kill people. Famine and remote-controlled drones do.

  9. SBH

    Like an old lady said, ‘don’t feel guilty, do something.’

    here’s a start

  10. klewso

    What comes before profits?

  11. klewso

    What had “we” done?
    With all that navel gazing?
    They did find some lint – and sold a lot of soap?

  12. Holden Back

    @klewso in the case of News, enormous losses.

  13. Steve777

    The USA’s so called leaders are cowed by any number of well-funded interests, including the gun lobby but also big pharma, fossil fuels, a feral private health sector and the largely astroturfed Tea Party. If nothing is done as a result of this latest atrocity then it seems likely that the once great nation will resemble the othe former super power (Russia) in a decade or two – a mafia state.


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