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Dec 19, 2012

AWU commentator at The Oz forgets to note his Liberal past

Beware he who proffers helpful advice about the AWU smear campaign in The Australian.


The Australian’s smear campaign against the Prime Minister hasn’t had a lot of new material lately. Having devoted months and acres of newsprint to investigating the minutiae of what Julia Gillard did in the 1990s and not turned up a single actual claim of wrongdoing, the brains trust at Holt St must be ruing that after such a big investment of resources in smearing her, all they got for their troubles was a few points’ fall in her approval rating.

Still, The Oz didn’t get where it is today — a dying paper for angry old conservative men — without a willingness to flog a dead horse. So today, it carried over 1000 words on the AWU matter about how there’s “a prima facie case that she could have been charged”, by one Terry O’Connor.

O’Connor, The Australian informs us, is “a former head of Western Australia’s Anti-Corruption Commission”. And, indeed, O’Connor clothes his attack on Gillard in a kind of legalese:

“There has been considerable recent media discussion about the 1992 incorporation of the Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association Inc and the involvement of Julia Gillard in its incorporation. In particular there has been conjecture as to whether or not Gillard has committed any offence in her role in the incorporation of the association. Before discussing that question, it is necessary to establish the facts …”

You get the sense that O’Connor is almost doing us a favour, having noticed by chance that there has been “considerable media discussion” and being anxious to resolve the issue for us, as a kind of disinterested observer. Just a helpful retired barrister wanting to set us all straight.

Except, who is Terry O’Connor AM QC? O’Connor came to Crikey’s attention back in 2002. He’s a former WA Liberal Party member who was appointed to the WA ACC by Richard Court’s government. He also has some national profile courtesy of being turfed off the AFL Commission in 2000. These days, O’Connor heads the advisory board for the USAFL. Among other board appointments, he’s also long-time chairman of mining services company Ausdrill, as well as an African-based mining services company.

In 1999, then-state Labor leader Geoff Gallop wanted to know why Ausdrill was organising anti-Labor rallies in Kalgoorlie when its chairman was also head of the Anti-Corruption Commission.

O’Connor’s Liberal connection strangely went unmentioned by The Australian today.

O’Connor also has perhaps a more direct link to the campaign being run against the Prime Minister. Over a decade ago, O’Connor commendably became chair of the Secure Community Foundation, a business-funded group established in the wake of a string of notorious abductions around Claremont to help police improve security and investigative capacity. The group raised over $600,000 for WA police. A number of Perth’s business élite were also on the Foundation. And a prominent Perth lawyer … one Julie Bishop.


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12 thoughts on “AWU commentator at The Oz forgets to note his Liberal past

  1. klewso

    They could have got George Brandis for less money?

  2. drmick

    Botox Bishop eh. Wonder where that slush fund went?

  3. Stevo the Working Twistie

    Do you suppose they’ll get around to reading the Slipper decision in about 20 years time?

  4. rubiginosa

    “Before discussing that question, it is necessary to establish the facts.”

    Six months, acres of newsprint and over 9000 articles from Hedley should have rendered that unnecessary.

  5. David Allen

    From SMH on line this morning,”News Ltd has posted a loss of $476.7 million for the financial year ending June 30″

    Their strategy is working then?

  6. rhonaj

    Bernard you are, one of the reasons why I read and subscribe to Crikey. HONESTY

  7. Achmed

    And it is still impossible to get any Liberal to discuss the press release by Murray Cowper a WA Liberal State Govt Minister who said the fund was used for what it was intended …training

  8. Jeremy Williams

    My life has improved significantly since giving up on reading the oz – its pettiness, total lack of honesty and blatant campaigning just got too much – funny years later its interesting to hear it hasn’t changed a bit. How anyone can be stimulated by such ratbag writing is beyond me.

  9. dale ross

    the Oz is a joke. Real conservatives don’t read it, they stick to the Fin.

  10. Steve777

    I stopped reading the Australian a few years ago when it started openly campaigning for regime change like its tabloid stablemates and pushing voodoo climate science. It no longer pretends to objectivity. The sooner it’s inevitable demise the better.

  11. Steve777

    “Do you suppose they’ll get around to reading the Slipper decision in about 20 years time?”

    Probably not, unless the Oz is still around then and it switches its allegiance from the Coalition to Labor. Both unlikely eventualities.

  12. David Hand

    Happy New Year.
    Bernard says The australian’s campaign on the AWU has, “not turned up a single actual claim of wrongdoing”

    The alleged wrongdoings are-
    Gillard established an entity whose stated purpose was the education of workers when she is on the record of saying it was a slush fund for her boyfriend’s re-election to his union job. Allegedly

    Gillard failed to open a file at Slater and Gordon over the matter. This had the effect of hiding the existence of the slush fund from her colleagues and from the wider leadership of the AWU. It was this clandestine nature of the slush fund that enabled her boyfriend to pillage it for his own enrichment. allegedly.

    We all know that in the absence of any further documents turning up she is legally in the clear.

    We all also now connect Gillard with union slush funds. That’s what the real story is about.


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