Who has the guts to save the little children?

Crikey readers weigh in.


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4 thoughts on “Who has the guts to save the little children?

  1. Matt Hardin

    Quick question Gavin. Should private citizens have 0.50 calbre machine guns, claymore mines, artillery, cruise missiles, tear gas or nuclear weapons? There is almost no chance that handguns and rifles in the hands of the citizenry contibute to freedom in the modern era. Police and the military complete outgun any putative freedom fighter. The only defence of freedom is the willingness to say no and take the consequnces of civil disobedience. Oppressors need acquiescence to oppress. Simple refusal by the populace undermines this completely every time.

  2. Matt Hardin

    Sorry for typos “calibre” not “calbre” and “completely” not “complete”

  3. klewso

    Andrew J – most of the time when it comes to edited “Murdoch’s public interest/conservative embarrassment”, I think you’ll find the supply Limited News’ intellectual rigour on “holidays”?
    Or at best “Out to Lunch” – ’til someone else (without their resources) finds out enough, and then they have to join in (and then they’ll try to act as their politician’s apologists, to mitigate circumstances, if they can get away with it) or risk getting left behind with no control over “input” to the matter, unable to control that “views agenda” of theirs?

  4. Malcolm Street

    Niall – I imagine in the 1930s you’d have been singing the praises of Stalin’s USSR (what Ukrainian famine?) and in the 1960s you’d have been a Maoist. The world still hasn’t run out of useful idiots.

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