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Dec 18, 2012



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29 thoughts on “Roger? It’s Rupert!

  1. Holden Back

    Living proof that wealth and seniority are no guarantees of self-awareness or wisdom.

  2. ernmalleyscat

    While I’m all for an eventual gradual reduction in the number and frequency of random murders using military weapons, I certainly don’t think we should go so far as to codify the notion that the old wrinkly head in a jar Rupert really does rule the world.
    I dream of a world where good people make the decisions.

  3. Modus Ponens

    2013 Walkley winner. You heard it here first folks

  4. paddy

    That’s a truly stunning drawing of invisible *crickets in frame 5 FD.

  5. zut alors

    I wouldn’t share a lift with either of them.

    I recall Rupe had some concern over global warming a while back but the Faux News team neglected to take the bait. Is the monster he created out of control…

  6. Holden Back

    Of course, Malcolm Turnbull will want a bit of that Walkley.

  7. zut alors

    Just noticed the marvellous subtlety of the two out trays. Firsty scores another ace.

  8. drmick

    Notification that the shadow ministry for misinformation, planning and negativity ran at a $450M loss this year.
    When will politicians find the courage to ban automatic negativity, dishonesty and misinformation? As in America; similar tragedy after last election.

  9. Holden Back

    “Former governor and Republican candidate Mike Huckabee blamed the violence on the removal of God from schools, while commentator Ann Coulter tweeted that so-called ”concealed carry” reduced the murder rate.”

    I don’t remember the removal of God from schools – did they do that during the holidays?

  10. fractious

    @ Holden #1, who needs wisdom when you’ve got that much moolah?

    Zut #8 – for bonus points, if the name plate on his desk says “Roger” on the front does it say “Me” on the back? And if so, has he been?

  11. zut alors

    fractious, well spotted.

    Holden, I heard G0d was removed due to non-compliance with new OHSW regulations.

  12. Holden Back

    @fractious Well, I just wish others wouldn’t treat the wealthy as if they were wise. ‘Cause they ain’t.

  13. Plonkoclock

    @fractious – morally, ethically, intellectually.. you name it, he’s been done over so much, in so many ways and so often, he knows no other life..

  14. klewso

    And where does the party, Rupert’s company pimps for, stand on gun control?

  15. klewso

    “This is all Obama’s fault”?

  16. Plonkoclock

    A black man tellin’ us we cain’t have gurns!No way Jose!

  17. fractious

    @ Holden, but Gina wrote a book. With poetry innit.

  18. Holden Back

    @fraction QED. Pomes: not even barely. Doggerel-just. No offense, Firsty

  19. Andybob

    Americans may only legally own automatic weapons that were manufactured and registered with BAFTA prior to May 19 1986 and then a federal license is required. Some states have laws banning ownership of any automatic weapon. The public mass murders that seem to be contagious in the US are generally not carried out with automatic weapons and none of the weapons at Sandy Hook were fully automatic. So does Rupert mean automatic when he says automatic or does he include semi-automatic which were substantially regulated as Category C weapons in Australia after 1996 ? Does he even know what he means himself ? No wonder his editors go nuts trying to read his mind.

  20. Andybob

    BAFTA = BATF, apologies to acronym mavens.

  21. Andrew L

    Ergo, the mother died of shame (with apologies to the many millions of people who already stated/quietly believe this).

  22. klewso

    What a waste of time and space. What a shrivelled, desiccated husk of opportunity.
    Eight years he had in which he could have used his position of influence and devoted his resources to hectoring and badgering his beloved Bush administration into doing something about those guns – but what did he choose to devote those resources too? He alternated between sitting back, clapping and leading the cheer-squad at their every move; selling their policies. Right up to striking up the marching band and handling their PR when it came time to invade Iraq.
    Now, suddenly, it’s this crop of politicians and Obama and his administration (who defeated his preferred candidate last month) that have to fix it up?

  23. klewso

    “Roger Rupert!”?

  24. klewso

    Does that sound like a cause?
    After what he and his “viewsmade-ya” did their best (or tried) to Brown, Rudd, Gillard, Obama, Kerry, Gore, Keating, Major etc etc?

  25. Michael Carroll

    @Holden – Avtually I heard he got tossed out for not passing the “working with Children” check. Something to do with the church he started.

  26. Hominoid

    Nice depiction of Ailes, FD. Is he a fat Fox Terrier?

  27. klewso

    More a “corpulent corporate corgi”?

  28. Holden Back

    @Michael Carroll – didn’t turn up for the photo ID?

  29. zut alors

    Michael and Holden, thanks for the best laughs of the day.

    All love, all powerful, all for nothing.


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