Dec 18, 2012

Gotye, ignoring ‘Bono effect’, between rangers and hunters

Wally De Backer -- AKA musician Gotye -- provides star power to an NGO that supports wildlife rangers around the world. He speaks to Crikey on the ethics of celebrities getting involved in charities.

The torture and murder of more than 1000 wildlife rangers, tooled-up animal poachers in helicopters and the alleged collusion of Australian businesses in environmental destruction and corruption — it’s no wonder Wally De Backer admits to feeling a little overwhelmed by his rather idiosyncratic choice of charity.


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3 thoughts on “Gotye, ignoring ‘Bono effect’, between rangers and hunters

  1. Down and Out of Sài Gòn

    I wouldn’t worry about the comparisons if I were Gotye. Bono never put himself in the line of fire, and comes off as a publicity hound and tax-cheat in comparison.

    The Thin Green Line charity sounds like good work.

  2. puddleduck

    God bless him, the charity and the workers and animals they aim to support. Fantastic to see a young, thoughtful, talented person putting their name to a good cause. It only makes me like him more.

    Were there more of these people, the world could be a different place.

    In contrast, Jennifer Lopez wears fur. Boo.

  3. elkraig

    Having met and interviewed Wally De Backer for the small paper published in the seaside village where he lives, I can assure readers that he is no ‘celebrity’ looking for a fashionable cause to support. He genuinely cares about the environment and those who devote their time to protecting it. He is a very intelligent, compassionate person who happens to have become very famous due to talent coupled with a lot of hard work. If only more famous people were prepared to give their money and influence to such good causes as The Thin Green Line the world would be a much better place.

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