Dec 18, 2012

A year of scare: how the carbon tax played out

The scare campaign around the carbon price has been demonstrated to be a complete hoax. But it took 12 months of painful debate to get there. Here's how the year in emissions reduction played out.

What an incredible year in the carbon market. After one of the worst cases in rent-seeking this country will probably ever experience, we finally saw a carbon price introduced. Yet for all the concern about how a carbon price might ruin business, by the end of the year it is the carbon market that is suffering, with prices at record lows in the EU, New Zealand and other trading nations.

So how did it all play out? An important look back …

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7 thoughts on “A year of scare: how the carbon tax played out

  1. New Cassandra

    Lucky with all this CO2 going into the atmosphere even the IPCC notices the average temperatures have not increased in 14 years. – So what in the heavens could be causing warming then ?

  2. tonyfunnywalker

    Another Abbott beat up hits the dust. Gillard 3 Abbott 0 going into the break.

  3. GeeWizz

    LOL, hilarious leftwing comments.

    Gillards been behind in the polls for almost 2 and a half years straight… she’s the most unpopular Prime Minister Australia has ever had.

    Now we are told the Carbon Tax had no impact on families, yet Dillard is out there telling everyone she’s going to be dropping electricity prices… after purposely increasing them… and no ones buying it, hence why she is behind in the polls.

  4. Achmed

    New Cassandra – all the hot air from our pollies?

  5. geomac62

    New Cassandra
    Why would the IPCC ” notice ” average temperatures over 14 years ? I assume you can furnish a link that verifies your assertions and by that I mean IPCC not a bloggers opinion or version .
    An odd thing to say , averages have not increased but in a specific time range yet finish by asking what could be causing the warming .
    Look forward to the link , cheers .

  6. Achmed

    OECD Rport 2012
    “The OECD welcomes ongoing efforts to disentangle emissions from economic growth, specifically through introduction of a carbon tax and a flexible carbon price based on an emission trading system linked to international markets. This is the best option to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and put Australia on a more sustainable, low-pollution growth path.”
    It seem strange to some but I place a lot more credibility in the OECD than I do Abbott and his cohorts when discussing ..well anything…

  7. Hamis Hill

    Abbortt!! Abbortt!! Abbortt!!
    The imminent conservative catchcry for 2013.
    Abbortt!! Abbortt!! Abbortt!! Abbortt!!
    How does it look in upper case?

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