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Dec 14, 2012



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19 thoughts on “Why are you all still talking to me?

  1. Holden Back

    Tough at the top?

  2. ianjohnno1

    This too shall pass.

  3. drovers cat

    Afternoon Mr Lonely

  4. paddy

    Photos or it didn’t happen.
    Plus that mpg of Marina Go should be uploaded to youtube before close of play today. Merry Xmas.

  5. zut alors

    Jesvs has a lot to answer for.

  6. drmick

    Nice Christmas Spirit FD.
    It is always better to give than to receive, so this year I will be delivering the Christmas enemas.
    There will be tinsel on the bucket and a tasteful red and green ribbon on the garden hose. The soapy water will have a green tinge and a pine smell in keeping with the colours and atmosphere of the season.
    That should get the party going.

  7. ernmalleyscat

    It’s not a real office Christmas party unless it’s actually on Christmas day and everyone has to turn up to work and do work until lunchtime when the boss, dressed as Santa, comes around to each work cubicle and hands you a cold pressed turkey sandwich and a piece of dry fruit cake.

  8. Holden Back

    Mmm, DrMick sounds like it’s tough at the bottom, too. What’s the waiting list like for Christmas enemas?

  9. drovers cat

    Shades of Matthew & Son, there EMC, by Cat (yes we’re ubiquitous) Stevens

  10. Plonkoclock

    Better Pine-o-clean than kerosene, Drmick..

  11. TheFamousEccles

    Fisty – when trying to purchase a tshirt or two from from your line of fashionable garments, why would the price for these items change (upward) 3 times? I understand a struggling Walkley winning artiste needs to make a crust, but WTF?

    Sorry – off topic. I remain a fan, but a tshirtless one…

  12. Andrew L

    Best thing about working for myself is the Chrissy party! Half a cray and some chilled veuve in front of the telly. Bliss!

  13. TheFamousEccles

    Oops – that should read “Firsty” – or maybe not???

  14. zut alors

    Today received a Christmas card from The Ruddster – no pets in the photo this year. In a covering letter Ruddster reminds us he’s donated 849 bikes to schools since being elected and is ‘the biggest buyer of bicycles in Brisbane’. Until Clive Palmer buys one…

  15. drmick

    All I see is miles and miles of vertical smiles.
    Zut I wonder how many of those bike seats have been snedged by the Member for bizarre in WA. Mr Hover Boswell?

  16. Kevin Tyerman

    Sometimes these cartoons must feel like they write themselves…. I am guessing that next Monday’s cartoon will be about the unfairness of being ostracised in the workplace.

  17. rhwombat

    Oh FD. To regret is human (NOT canine), to peeve: divine.

  18. Tim Rust

    (1.) is my usual choice but I might try (12.) next year

  19. mobsmith

    Extra Handy Hints:
    Talk loudly throughout the whole party about how you are NOT going to clean up or put away the leftover food THIS year because you did it LAST year and it’s someone else’s turn, then leave work last, bypassing the party room so you can’t see all the puddling pavlova, shrivelling sangers or curling carrots still on the table or wave at the little mice nibbling on the dropped Jatz crumbs.
    Be sure to stand close to Santa so you can nab the extra Secret Santa present because someone will ALWAYS forget who they’re buying for and not stick the label on.


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