Middle East

Dec 14, 2012

The dangers of regime change as Syria hovers on the brink

With Syria's Bashir al-Assad poised for defeat, what will replace his regime? It would be a mistake to blindly back anti-Assad forces with little legitimacy on the ground.

Professor Damien Kingsbury

Crikey international affairs commentator

In an uninspired but necessary act of “me too-ism”, Foreign Minister Bob Carr’s announcement that Australia now formally recognises the Syrian National Coalition as the legitimate representative of the Syrian state follows the US and around 100 other countries which understand that the Assad regime’s days are numbered. The question now is not if, but when and how.

That, and whether Bashir al-Assad’s senior team will be granted asylum.

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2 thoughts on “The dangers of regime change as Syria hovers on the brink

  1. Kez

    “A regime bombing its own people, in Assad’s case with Scud missiles and phosphorous bombs” …. what credible evidence do you have that this is happening?
    I’ve only heard American newspaper reports quoting unnamed US officials. Totally believable?

  2. j.oneill

    It seems that we have learned absolutely nothing from the Iraq misadventure. That invasion was preceded by a barrage of lies and the softening up process to justify a Syrian invasion is well underway. The US, some Euroopean countries and the Gulf Cooperation Council have armed and financed a disparate bunch of mercenaries, jihadists and others with dubious links to sundry terrorist organizations.

    Notwithstanding the sanitizing of the currently approved leader of the alternative National council of Syria, his history does not inspire confidence that if the Assad regime is overthrown the replacement will be any better. In fact, the overwhelming probability is that it will be much worse. For all it’s faults the Assad regime is at least a secular state.

    Australia is so blinded to the obvious stupidities of American foreign policy that it has now jumped on this bandwagon as well. To repeat: have we learned nothing?

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