Coalition with questions to answer

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7 thoughts on “Coalition with questions to answer

  1. Gavin Moodie

    Niall Clugston has forgotten that on 26 March 2010 North Korea sunk South Korea’s Cheonan in an unprovoked attack, killing 46 people. That and other rogue behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated by the international community.

  2. Malcolm Street

    Gavin – that was my first thought too. Don’t expect this regime to act rationally.

  3. Niall Clugston

    Over the decades there have been many incidents on the borders of North Korea, which remains in a state of war with South Korea and America. I don’t see how this shows the regime’s “irrationality”, and I don’t see what specific policy against North Korea is being proposed. In fact, North Korea is “rational” because it pursues its strategy in the knowledge that little or no action will be taken against it.

  4. Gavin Moodie

    It is not relevant whether by some process of argument North Korea’s actions may be characterised as rational. The issue is whether its treatment of its own people and its behaviour towards other countries may be accepted by the international community. The North Korean regime has taken numerous actions – multiple assassination attempts against South Korean leaders, multiple shellings, threatening rocket launches and other unprovoked attacks, drug dealing, etc – which are rightly unacceptable to the international community.

    So the international community rightly declines to deal with North Korea and admit it to most international exchanges. The immediate aim is to stop North Korea threatening its neighbours. Once it stops threatening its neighbours militarily and with the mass migration of its starving and terrified people it may gradually be accepted back into international exchanges including trade. A good recent example of this policy apparently working is Burma.

  5. Niall Clugston

    Actually, there are no general sanctions against North Korea.

    It is a close ally and trading partner of China.

    But if by the “international community” you mean the USA, then all it puts forward are empty threats and empty gestures.

  6. Gavin Moodie

    The United Nations imposed sanctions on North Korea on 14 October 2006, resolution 1718.

  7. Niall Clugston

    Yes, as I said, not general but specific, relating to acquiring nuclear missiles. And how well did that go???

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