Dec 13, 2012

Sisyphus and the boulder of Chinese broadband bullshit

China isn't getting an NBN, and it doesn't cost a third of ours, regardless of what The Australian claims.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

I want to say something that will shock you: a story in The Australian about the NBN is rubbish.

I know. I know. I’ll just wait a few minutes while you pick yourselves up off the floor, dust yourselves off and get over the shock.

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21 thoughts on “Sisyphus and the boulder of Chinese broadband bullshit

  1. klewso

    It’s not their fault, it’s the fluoride in their water.

  2. Andybob

    Apparantly each pile of steaming dung emanating from a bull is ‘exclusive’ to that animal in that it does not include faeces from other animals. Claims by ‘The Australian’ to exclusivity should be viewed as an assertion of originality for a delicately spun filigree of truthishness, truly a work of artistic craftsmanship.

  3. JackAubrey

    Thanks Bernard. I actually thought of you this morning as I read the Oz front page, particularly when I read the basis for the “rebooting the mining boom” story – I was bit surprised there wasn’t an op-ed by Henry telling us how sensible and balanced the report was.

  4. Holden Back

    Speaking as one who lives surrounded by cattle, it’s a curious fact that the only way you can even begin to tell that a particular piece of bovine excrement comes from the male of the species is its size.

    Just giving the metaphor some detail.

  5. mikeb

    So have I missed it – but shouldn’t the Oz be lambasting the Chinese for taking up a technology similar to our NBN when Tony & Mal assure us that their wireless (meybe one-day) solution will make it obsolete? Maybe Tony should get over there & point out why they are wrong, and then maybe hand them a copy of the Lib plan. They will fall over with gratitude (or would that be mirth).

  6. Matthew of Canberra

    Those foolish chinese people. Don’t they know that wireless is the go?

  7. David Allen

    Surely, when referring to Murdoch’s rags, you mean, ‘Onward we troll’?

  8. MJPC

    Thank you Bernard, I have never read “The Australian” and this article confirmed I have made the right decision. On another point, the Mineral Council report on a return to Work Choices; and the LNP do not harbour such goals? Mr Abbott and co have a lot to answer and explain when they finally release their IR policy.

  9. Mike Smith

    Bernard, when you can report that a story in the Australian about *anything* is not rubbish, then will I be shocked.

  10. michael r james

    Matthew of Canberra at 3:20 pm wrote:
    “Those foolish chinese people. Don’t they know that wireless is the go?”

    Actually the Oz article said: “Another 388 million Chinese access the internet using mobile devices … and plans to spend about $75bn in the next five years to satisfy the nation’s sharp rise in users.”

    That was seventy-five billion dollars. I don’t know if Malcolm T will be advocating a similar expenditure for wireless internet that he has sometimes championed as an alternative to FTTH.

    At any rate, in the developing world it is common to find wireless networks because there is little landline infrastructure or it is so antiquated and poorly maintained that it is totally inadequate to modern needs. (Hmm, sounds familiar …). And cellular is faster and cheaper to roll out.
    FWIW, my interpretation of The Oz’s use of “exclusive” is that the piece is written by a journo from the Oz and not from another limb of the vast Murdoch empire or syndicated from somewhere else. Yes, an abuse of the common meaning of the word but in Murdochland you make up you own facts.

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